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Advantages Of Owning A Handyman Franchise In 2022 Using Gojek Clone

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Gojek Clone

Handyman Services On-Demand have already grabbed the largest share in the Gojek Clone App’ Portfolio of Utilities offered. They are Doctors, Psychologists, Barbers, Beauticians, Carpenters, Caterers, Electricians, Masseuse, Mechanics, Maids, Helpers, Insurance Agents, Plumbers, Security Guards, Locksmith and Fitness Coaches among others. 

With Christmas round the corner, there will be dramatic increase in demand of all these Services. App Users will avail Services such as Home Cleaning and Home Painting before bringing home the Pine Christmas Tree to let the kids decorate it with Twinkling Lights and Ball Ornaments. 


a. Independent Individual Service Providers register themselves with this Super App

Daisy Carter is a Professional Hairstylist who has a field experience of over 10 years. But she had lost her job at the Luxe Den Beauty Salon of New York City during the peak of Covid-19 induced Pandemic. Her world had turned upside down because she was a single mother with three kids living in a rented apartment. 

She was at the verge of having a nervous breakdown due to the sudden financial instability in her life. She hadn’t paid Rent for three-months now, Electricity and Water Bills kept piling on. That’s when while having her Stuffed Salvadoran Corn Tortillas at Solber Pupusas, the owner Rafael Soler-Bermudaz recommended her to register herself as a Service Provider with Powerful Gojek like App

She opens an account with the Super App

Daisy downloads the App and clicks on the “Sign Up” Icon to register herself as a Professional Service Provider. She gives in her Contact Details such as Personal Calling Number and Email Address for Initiating the Registration Process. Afterwards, she received a Numeric Four-Digit OTP on her phone and a Verification Link on her Email ID. After punching in the OTP, she has successfully verified herself. She uploads relevant Documents that say that she is a Certified Hair Stylist, her Under graduation Degree Certificate among others.

She feeds in the Services that she wants to render

Since she is a Professional Hairstylist, she has registered herself as a Beautician who gives Haircuts with Blow-Outs, Colours the Hair, Gives Keratin Hair Spa Treatments, Smoothening and Straightening of Hair, curating unique hairstyles with a Bun but does not do Make-Up.

She defines her Service Area and will only accept Cash as the Mode of Payment

She also has the liberty to Accept or Decline Job Requests.

She gets her first ever Job Request through the App

A Screen pops-up with a Ticking Timer that shows the name of the Client – Charlotte Lee and her Address – The Highline West Village, 756 Washington Street, New York. Below the Address is the Tab of “View Requested Services”! Charlotte wants Global Hair Colouring of Rich Wine/Burgundy shade for her long tresses and wants a Short bob cut with Bangs!

Daisy immediately Accepts the Job Request and reaches the Client’ Home. She earned hard cash of US $500 on her first Service Request ever. She is happy! Before leaving Charlotte’ home, she got yet another Job Request.

The App Owner has fixed the Commission Rate of 10% for Hairstylists. She accepts the Second Job Request and right after that she pays US $50 to the App Owner as Commission via the In-App Wallet Transfer. 

b. Register your Beauty Salon with the Gojek Clone App

Luxe Den was running in losses until a month ago when it registered itself as a company with this Super App. So, instead of an individual, a Beauty Salon was registered with the App as a Service Provider. The Salon Owner can keep a track of all its Professional Hair Stylists, Barbers for men, Professional Colourists, Cosmeticians and Licensed Massage Therapists through the Admin Panel of its own via God’s View!

 The entire workforce of this Beauty Salon has individually registered with the App. But the App User won’t be able to ever see the name of the Salon the Stylists belongs to. All that the Customer can see is the Face and the Name of the Individual Hair Stylists with their review ratings.

This is how Luxe Den has expanded its Sales by going digital. Every working employee of that Salon is earning extra and simultaneously the Gojek Clone App Owner is earning Commission per Service rendered.

For example, the total number of Services rendered by the entire Workforce of the Beauty Salon Luxe Den on any given day, when counted individually, is 100; then the App Owner is earning Commissions for every single Service rendered by the Salon. Implying, the App Owner earned Commissions for 100 Services rendered by a Single Salon.

This is the sheer beauty of allowing an entire company to register as a Service Provider with the App. It is indeed a win-win situation for all.


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