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5 Aftercare Service Qualities to Consider, and How MAVi Tickets

You’ve decided on a service expert for a future smart home automation project. You’ve investigated them, spoken to their engineers, and examined some of their past projects. However, have you thought about the amount of post-installation support or smart home assistance they provide?

Like any other home system, your new gadget will need some continuing upkeep. For instance, it is normal to anticipate periodic upgrades, problem-solving for any concerns, and eventual network outages.

On its website, the Home Technology Association (HTA) lists 5 questions. To make sure you get the best quality of home automation service, ask these questions of your potential service provider. We’ll examine each of these queries in more detail below, along with MAVi’ responses.

1. Do they promise quick response times for service emergencies?

Simply said, technology is not perfect. At some time, glitches, malfunctions, or obsolescence will almost surely occur with even the most cutting-edge technology or software. To aid with these concerns, the business you choose for your project should have a policy in their service agreement expressly dealing to response times. Above all, you don’t want to find yourself having to wait for help with an urgent matter. You have to be well aware of what kind of answer to anticipate.

MAVi’s Response

Yes, each MAVi Managed Smart Home includes a service agreement with a guaranteed response time of either 1 hour or 4 hours. In actuality, our clients may choose the response times and prices that work best for them.

2. During what hours of the day or night do they promise a response?

The HTA notes that technology does not wait until working hours to break down. A certain amount of failure will probably happen to you at a bad moment. If that occurs, understanding your provider’s operating hours will guarantee that you are aware of the precise time frame for a response.

MAVi’s Response

Our guaranteed response times are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week. However, we acknowledge that problems will inevitably occur after such times. To provide one example, we make sure every customer is aware of how to submit an urgent service request, which will alert our engineers to an urgent problem outside of regular support hours.

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3. Do They Provide a Specific Support Email Address and Phone Number?

Your service provider should provide you a dedicated phone number and a dedicated service email address if they are genuinely devoted to delivering excellent customer support. This makes it far more probable that when you need help the most, someone will pick up the phone.

MAVi’s Response

Yes! An email address and phone number for customer assistance are given to each MAVi Managed Smart Home. These have been set up to guarantee that your phone call or email gets forwarded for the earliest response. This eliminates the need to remember several phone numbers or email addresses for various difficulties or days of the week.

4. Do They Track Service Events Using a Ticketing System?

Consider it a warning sign if a prospective service provider cannot answer this question or does not fully comprehend what you are asking. Any business that values efficiency and good customer service will use a ticketing system. This makes it easier to keep track of any open requests and problems.

Without such a mechanism, service providers are considerably more inclined to let issues go, particularly during periods of high usage.

MAVi’s Response

Yes, after 20 years of offering IT services, MAVi is qualified to monitor service occurrences. This prevents them from being dropped or overlooked. To identify the source of persistent problems, we monitor them using an enterprise-grade ticketing system.

5. Do They Use Technology for Remote Systems Management (RSM)?

When you use remote monitoring, data about the condition and health of your network and devices is safely sent to a centralised “dashboard.” Your service provider may see it here. This allows for continuous remote monitoring of your linked home electronics. These systems provide us the ability to do remote troubleshooting. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for a service call to your location since you may talk to an expert over the phone to fix numerous problems. Engineers are also able to proactively correct any problems they discover on your home network before you ever become aware of them.

MAVi’S Response

The same tried-and-true Remote Monitoring and Management tools that we use in our Kansas-based IT support company are the foundation of MAVi’s smart space automation aftercare service. It is also improved using all of the most recent AV providers’ technology. This indicates that more than 95% of the time, problems can be fixed remotely. Without entering your house, we can even reprogramme your lights and settings.

The Importance of Home Automation Aftercare Services

The actual, occupied area of your house and the technology that is built within it can be more seamlessly linked thanks to our distinctive Design, Build, and Support approach. An excellent home automation aftercare service plan is usually a good idea since these may sometimes suffer from obsolescence. You’ll get complete assistance from MAVi for your smart home integration project at every level. Additionally, we’ll assist you in controlling your smart gadgets, preventing security breaches, and guaranteeing you has an unmatched smart home experience.