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What Appears in the Perfect Home Automation System?

Your living can really be made more opulent with whole-home automation. You can take advantage of all the little things in life with home automation, such as lights that turn on automatically when you enter a room, a thermostat that changes its setting to the temperature you prefer during the day, and a smart coffeemaker that begins brewing coffee as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning.

You must begin with the proper home automation system, the brain of your smart home, in order to accomplish this joy in your Kansas City, KS, residence. Read on to find out what the perfect automation hub entails and why you may want to hire a qualified integrator to set up your new system.


A competent automation system can, first and foremost, automate every appliance in your house. Your life will be made easier, more pleasant, and more convenient as a result of home automation. The fundamental tenet of an automated solution is defeated if you have to handle your smart devices across various platforms.

A good system will additionally:

  • In order to employ the exact brands you choose without having separate platforms for each one, a decent automation system will be able to interact with a broad choice of third-party products and producers. As new technology enters the market, the number of third-party devices that Control4 solutions presently support is over 14,000, and it keeps increasing.
  • The perfect hub would enable you to add new intelligent tools and solutions whenever you choose without taxing the infrastructure.
  • The centre of your automation system is control. One single control app should provide you access to all of your devices and subsystems. All of your home’s automated scenarios, solutions, and smart devices are kept in one app with a Control4 system, which you can access using a smartphone, tablet, or other interface.


We advise hiring a professional home automation company to install your new system since implementing a whole-home automation system is far more difficult than adding individual plug-and-play smart gadgets to your house. Hardware installation, software development, integrating many devices into one system, and wiring and networking settings are all part of a home automation setup.

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All of the aforementioned, in addition to the following advantages, are yours when you employ an integrator:

1.) Experience and knowledge. Your integrator is qualified to develop and install sophisticated audio/video systems as well as intricate wiring and networking setups. Integrators are used to dealing with sophisticated automation systems and smart gadgets. MAVi is an authorised Control4 dealer with in-depth experience setting up and running Control4 systems.

2.) A broad perspective. A valuable resource is also your integrator. An integrator will assess your house and inquire about your lifestyle throughout the design and construction phase in order to create a system specifically tailored to your requirements. To make everyday tasks simpler, your integrator may develop personalised automated scenarios during installation that bring together a number of different functions into a single command.

3.) Ongoing assistance and upkeep. Unfortunately, at some time, every technology will malfunction. However, your integrator is qualified and knowledgeable to resolve problems and apply the upgrades required to maintain your system operating at its best. We at MAVi won’t abandon you to fend for yourself. We provide a number of service packages that come with remote assistance, maintenance, and monitoring.

Our professionals at MAVi can work with you to create and install a whole-home automation system that is tailored to your lifestyle demands. Contact us right now if you’re prepared to make the move, or fill out our contact form. You may communicate with us by utilising the on-screen live chat window.