Things to do Agenda list for Cairns students

There’s something utterly enchanting about Cairns. Maybe, it is the lovely scenery or the stunning islands, the tropical weather, or the lush rainforest, gorgeous bleaches or the vibrant culture, whatever it is, the city has a way of creeping into your heart and making a home there. It is an idyllic study abroad destination with top-notch universities, an exciting student life and an amazing selection of student accommodation Cairns nestles. Plus, spending your university life here is like being on a year-long vacay! What’s not to love about that, right?! 

There is so much to explore in the city that you’ll be spoiled for choices, and boredom will be the last thing on your mind. Scroll down to find a list of some of the things you HAVE to experience as a Cairns student!

Ziplining through an epic location

Starting off with something that will get your blood pumping and heartbeat pulsating- taking a zipline tour of the sprawling Daintree Rainforest paradise! It is one of the many wet tropics that spans across the Cairns Region, is the world’s oldest tropical rainforest and is utterly gorgeous. The 95 km Daintree tract is full of lush canopies, creeping vines, unique plants and animals, uninhabited beaches, sparkling rivers and spectacular valleys. The views are unforgettable, and what better way to get a taste of the rainforest than by taking the most adventurous tour the place has to offer! The platforms are 7 to 16 meters off the ground, so you get to the bonus of having a bird’s eye view of Daintree while waiting for your chance. 

Soak and rejuvenate in a volcanic crater

Lake Eacham is an astounding 65m deep maar, or a volcanic crater, formed by massive explosions of magma rapidly superheating with the groundwater. It is a gorgeous deep blue lake fringed with the emerald canopies of the rainforest and a viewing deck. The atmosphere is just *chef’s kiss* with the cool water, sunny sky, serene nature sounds of soothing bird chirps and animal calls. The drive there is super picturesque and gives a mini road trip feel. 

Chasing Waterfalls

Cairns is a city brimming with waterfalls of every kind- big, small, popular, hidden, unknown. And, there is nothing more rejuvenating than basking in the cascade of a waterfall and taking a dip in the cool plunge pools on a hot day! Moreover, the waterfalls in Cairns tend to be in aesthetic locations and will keep your ‘gram feed well fed.

Explore every nook and cranny of Kuranda

Kuranda is a striking, hippy rainforest town and is a short 30-minutes drive from Cairns. Yet, the town gives off a secluded untainted beauty vibe. The quaint place has a lot to offer for sightseeing and exploring- from Koala Gardens, Butterfly Sanctuary, crocodile spotting tours to buzzing markets and a spectacular gondola cableway ride!

Adrenaline top-up at Skypark

Head in the clouds, heart in your mouth, racing towards the ground, what’s not to love? If you are even the tiniest bit of an adventure seeker, then you will LOVE the Bungy jump at Skypark by AJ Hackett! It is the only Bungy jump in Australia and dangles you about 50 metres high atop a beautiful natural lagoon. And, while you’re at it, you can also check out their giant multi-person swing and the highest viewing platform in the city. 

Take a leap from the Crystal Cascades

Another leap of faith for the thrill chasers is the cliff jump at the Crystal Cascades. This breathtaking swimming hole is like a local trade secret, a popular cliff-diving spot surrounded by magnificent boulders and waterfalls. The Crystal Cascades is often dubbed as “No Fear”, so keep that in mind before you go attempting this scary, potentially dangerous activity!

Have a chill time

This might sound like a no brainer, but what we mean is that sometimes it is important to just let off some steam, and not do anything wild and crazy. And, the best way to have a low-key night is by mucking around the city, browsing and shopping from Cairns’ night market stalls, or grabbing a drink and some grub, mingling about and dancing at a waterfront bar enjoying the cool coastal breeze and awe-inspiring views of the glistening water.

Here’s more, but we’ll save that for some other fine day! Just know this- your life will undoubtedly be tots va-va-voom and beyond fun at Cairns, with so many things to do and places to explore!

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