All About Electric Skateboards

Technology is everywhere, becoming more and more ingrained in everything we do, and the world of skateboarding is not an exception. At the present time, you can find different electric skateboards in the market.

An electric skateboard allows you to ride without jerky manipulations and does not require any special movements from you at all.

How is an Electric Skateboard Built?

Externally, the electric skateboard is similar to standard skateboards without a motor. At the same time, there are a number of features that distinguish this unit from an ordinary wheeled board.

First of all, it is bigger and heavier. Second of all, such models are often equipped with larger wheels for driving on gravel, paving stones, and dirt roads.

There are different types of electric boards, such as electric skateboards and hoverboards.

The electric skateboard has four wheels, while the hoverboard has only two large wheels.

In theory, the hoverboard has nothing to do with boards, but many people associate its shape and appearance with skateboards.


An electric skateboard may have one or more motors. The maximum riding speed of the most low-powered boards reaches about 15 kilometers per hour. More powerful models can accelerate up to 40 kilometers per hour.

It should be noted that we are talking about ordinary amateur models that are sold in stores. However, sports models are known to accelerate to 90 kilometers per hour. Even so, without special training, riding those kinds of shells is very dangerous.

You can turn the motor off and ride an electric board like a standard skateboard if you want.


The electric skate draws energy from lithium-ion batteries built into the board structure.

The power of such batteries is small and the motor consumes little energy. As a result, on a single charge, you can drive about twenty kilometers. You can charge the battery through a mobile phone. A 220 V socket as well as a special cord sold complete with a projectile are enough. Most models are fully charged in about two hours.


In motor mode, braking is carried out remotely. When the motors are off, you have to slow down in an old fashioned way, with your feet. Braking is slow, and the average stopping distance reaches 12 meters.


As a rule, electric skateboards are equipped with special remote controls. Thanks to these devices, the rider can control the direction of travel and the brakes.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric skateboards

The advantages of this type of sports equipment are obvious. They do not require effort to move, and they accelerate well, allowing you to control the movement using the remote control.

There are a few disadvantages of such a type of transport. The main disadvantage is the price and scarcity. Not every populated city can find a store selling such products. For those who live in a small town and do not have the opportunity to buy such a skateboard, you can find them at online stores.