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Amazing Ideas to Shop Perfect Shoes for Yourself

Our feet are the main part of our body; feet are bearing our whole-body weight every day. This is the reason that they need extra and adequate care. Suitable and comfortable footwear is and should be the first choice of everyone. The purpose of getting amazing shoe collection is not only to protect the foot but to add the style, individuality, and more variations to your outfit.  

Arranging a shoe closet is also a passion for fashion lovers, celebrities, elite women, fashion icons, and they do have more than 5 door wardrobes for just their good shoe collection. Some people are particular in choosing their footwear because they surely know the impact and impression, they create through shoe wear in the first place. While some people have a great shoe collection, yet they do not have any idea how to pair them perfectly with their outfits. They might have a lack of styling sense, or they are on that keen about being dress-up or so. 

Then comes the category of people who think shoes are the least prominent part of the outfit, that that’s why they overlook this easily. However, it’s important to understand whatever we wear becomes an integral part of the look. It might sound surprising to many of you, but some of the people make judgments about the person based on the shoes they wear. One can take an idea of the importance of shoes from the quotes we have been hearing and quoting in dressing line for so long.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”-Marilyn Monroe. 

Coco Chanel, a famous French fashion designer, said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”.

Choosing quality, stylish, and comfortable shoes is an art, and it requires artistic talent. When one enters the shop, one should have a clear idea of what you are looking for and should not be distracted by outward appearances of other shoes. When you enter the shop, you surely get appealed by the shoe collection they have and start loving and liking every pair and want to buy all, but you must use a practical approach and should buy carefully. Everyone keeps a budget in mind while shopping which is a very good practice but you should also never compromise on quality for less price because comfortable shoes play a vital role in your health also.

We are not only here to give you some amazing ideas to shop for perfect shoes but also some essential tips so that you never shop for wrong shoes.

Let’sLet’s start with tips than some ideas.


What to buy? When you enter in a shoe shop, you must have a clear idea of what to buy. What type of shoes do you need? Instead of getting distracted in a new collection or staff reviews, prefer to select on your own and try before you buy. Some people love to buy shoes to increase their shoe collection; whenever they go for shopping, they must purchase a new pair of shoes and can stop themselves from buying. If you are one of those people, not to worry! You can get the pair of shoes that catches your eyes at first because this can ease your task of shopping instead of surfing here and there to buy the appealing one.

While some are very keen and specific about their shoe collection, they buy only those pairs that are needed, and this category doesn’t compromise on quality, money is not a priority for them, but comfort is. If you are one of those, then you require more time to search for quality footwear. For that, you can do proper online research at first to know which place is selling your required items and which not. This can make it easy to go to specific places only to save time and effort.

Shop in afternoon /Evening

The new generation doesn’t believe in this fact, but we are giving a sincere and proven tip that one should shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening. The reason behind this tip is that our feet naturally expand at the second time of day because of continues physical activities like standing, walking, and sitting, they may become swollen in hot or cold weather. When you try new shoes in the morning and its fitted, that might feel tight in the evening. So better see clock before buying, it can save your money and product. Also, consider wearing socks if you are buying shoes that you wear with socks.

Tip for the right foot size 

When buying shoes for kids, parents draw their foot size on the paper as kids do not sit statically. This is actually a seamless idea that really works as you can get the exact size as needed. The same tip is for adults, that is because as we grow feet become larger, wider, sometimes swelled, and our muscles and toes feel hurt. So, ask a salesperson to measure your foot size every time you buy shoes. Another tip is if one of your foot is larger than buy the pair of shoes that fits the larger one. Every shoe has different shape and style; sometimes if your number is 7 in flat, it doesn’t mean it it’s 7 in pumps, heels or mules. That is why measuring the size at time of buying is a wise thing to do.

Check carefully

Always check new shoes thoroughly by hand to see if there is any material that can be irritating. The inner surface should be soft, and the sole should be removed easily. Try new shoes, stand in new shoes, walk a few steps to see how it feels, try to walk on a flat surface without carpets. Make it comfortable for you. Make sure you have half inch distance between toe and end of the shoe.

Always first try then buy shoes, don’t rely on advertisements and descriptions given. Ask away that the shoes are comfortable in real as they claim, try them on! Spending your money on an essential item requires time, research and testing. Do it carefully. 

Important Tips for heels

– Here are small tips for finding if heels that you wish to buy is worthy enough or not. For that, try heels, put little pressure in the midfoot area if it causes the heel to slide back than its sign it’s not worth buying.

– Take heels in one hand and try to bend sole with another hand if it’s not flexible then it will prevent foot joints from moving. Normally heels that are not a good fit can cause gait disorder.

– The maximum distance between heel and sole should be 3cm if the distance is shorter, the shoe becomes unstable.

Basic summer shoes 

We are giving you some major ideas for summer shoes, that are basic, and can pass your summer season easily without having a full wardrobe of shoes.

1- Leather sliders

If you want to have flat shoes in your collection, and you want them to be stylish too that give aesthetic pleasure and worthy look than go buy leather sliders. In this case, even if you invest in one pair of shoes, it is still worthy enough. Tan, black, white colours all give a perfect versatile look.

2- Mid heels sandals/ slingback block heel

Mid heels and slingback are comfortable and can be worn all day. These heels are for style, so they don’t affect foot shape or make toes hurt. Mid heels look stylish with floral maxi, tops. Slingback block are elegant; they are made perfect for office wear.

3- Thick /thin strap sandals 

These shoes are a great sign of summers; they are comfortable, soft, and easy to carry all day. Sandals designs come for both men and women.

4- Sneakers/Wedges 

Its sneakers and wedges that never get old and remain in fashion. They always match with many outfits. 

Basic winter shoes

Winters are the most favourite season among people. Specially fashionistas wait for winters to show new collection. Winters don’t have elegant clothing bit also some basic winter shoes that you can carry whole season with every outfit.

1- Long fashion boots

Long fashion boots are an all-time favourite for every age. They look stylish, fashionable, and classy. The plus point is that they are very warm. You can wear a turtle sweater with bare legs and wear long boots as well; they keep you warm all day.

2- Ankle boots keep your feet out of mud and muck. They look great with skinnies.

3- Women loafers are new in a trend; they give you a perfect classic look. Loafers can be worn with formal dresses for women as well.

4- Black boots are versatile. They were first in fashion trends, and they never fail to lift a look when worn with long coats.

Bottom line

Feet are our foundation of the body, like a building on which we stand. If the base of the building is weak, the building gets weak. People who often experience back or knee pain is due to improper footwear. Also, some of the common sports injuries are ankle and foot-based. Wearing quality and proper footwear is a necessity and essential in one’s life. So, you must take care of your feet as you take care of your body and should make sure to wear healthy shoes.

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