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7 Major Challenges of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity that is ideal for your career and personal growth. Every student had a dream to study abroad no matter which part of the world they belong to but not everybody gets a chance to do that for plenty of reasons. Studying abroad sounds amazing but it has its complications and is not as easy as it sounds.

Students think that the biggest complication is to get a visa and admission to an academic institution but the main issues arise once you land in the country where you want to study. The seven major problems of studying abroad are collected by Dissertation Writing Services in Dubai and are as follows.

1.Different Language 

If you are going abroad chances are you will face a language barrier. Any language that is not your first language and you have not learned it will become a problem for you. For instance, if you are going to Germany you will face difficulty communicating with people over there because they speak German and you are not well versed in it unless you have practiced. Language is how you communicate and when you don’t know the language how are you supposed to understand others and explain yourself? Try to learn a few basic words before leaving for abroad so that you can create sentences and easily communicate with people. Don’t worry too much, you will eventually get the hang of it. 

2. Accommodation

This is another great problem faced by the students studying abroad. If you have a relative living where you are going to study then this is not a problem for you but this is a major problem for millions of students who are alone in the new country. When you don’t know anyone it is hard to find a place to live. University dorms are an option but not every student gets a chance to avail the dorms and they have to find a place on their own. Finding accommodation outside the University Campus is not only harder but it is way more expensive and can get you out of budget quickly. It is difficult to find accommodation because students are alone and they find it difficult to trust people. 

3. Homesickness 

Students are all excited to leave their country and settle abroad for their studies but after a few days, they find it very difficult to live alone and start to miss their families. Homesickness is one of the biggest factors for students leaving their courses and going back to their countries. The fear of being alone and the habit of living around family members can make students demotivated and lazy. It is hard to get over homesickness if not tackled properly and can affect the overall performance of the students.

4. Focus 

It’s natural to have an urge of exploring new things. When you are in a country you have never seen before, all you want to do is travel and enjoy yourself. Also, some students get indulged in their independent life so much that they forget the main purpose of coming abroad. Focusing on studies can be very difficult when you have things to explore, new places to visit, experiencing things you have never experienced before, and overall being excited about independent life. One should remain determined about their studies and try to focus since day one. 

5. Managing Expenses

It is very easy to get out of the budget when you are alone and have no one to stop and guide you. You can start overspending on things you don’t need and places you don’t need to visit. Even if you are nota spender, you will still find it difficult to manage your expenses because of your accommodation and food. Food and Accommodation are what will take up half of your budget.

6. Difference in Teaching 

We all know that teaching practices vary from country to country for instance the way students are taught in Dubai is not the same as compared to the way students are taught in the UK or USA. You may find yourself facing the problem of understanding the teacher because of different teaching styles.

7 Learning The Addresses

Another major problem is that you will find yourself getting lost a lot. Countries share different addresses and you will find it very hard to remember all the names of the streets areas and roads. A map is an option for you but they are not always useful. You will spend a great deal of time learning the addresses.

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