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Amazon Keyword Methods to Increase Visibility

Keywords are terms or phrases that people use to search for things. Amazon is like any other search engine except that it caters only to finding tangible products. It uses an A9 algorithm that decides how a product will rank on search results.

The ranking of your product depends on how well your product listings have been optimized to include relevant keywords. Keywords are crucial to improving and increasing your visibility on Amazon. Therefore, it is important to invest in Amazon keyword research.

There are various keyword methods a seller can use and this article is focused on providing you with some of the primary ones.

Keyword methods to increase visibility

When you are selling on Amazon, potential customers should be able to find your products easily. Only if you have good visibility can you increase your sales and be successful. Some techniques for improved visibility are

  • Sellers must ensure that their product listings have good SEO for Amazon to find and display their products easily. In order to make that happen, you must use the most relevant keywords in your product titles, bullet points, and descriptions.

Think about what your buyers would and would not enter into the search bar while looking for your product category and use those search terms in your listings. Do not use punctuations, uppercase letters, and       information about the merchant as part of your keywords as these are not usually used as search terms.

  • One keyword method that gives good results is finding those that have low competition and high search volumes. Amazon Seller Central’s automatic PPC campaigns provide sellers with information on conversion rates of your products with respect to specific keywords. You can also use SellerApp’s Keyword Tracker tool for expert assistance on this matter. This method also helps discover keywords that you wouldn’t have considered focusing on earlier and works towards improving your ranking organically.
  • Amazon has an auto-complete function that gives you search term suggestions like those that are similar to the ones you are entering in the search box. Use it to leverage your search for long-tail keywords.
  • Whatever keyword methods you may use, they cannot give you instantaneous results. It takes time, effort, and patience to perfect it. Use a balanced mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are especially important when you want to highlight yourself in a particular niche. This is because they are usually less competitive and very effective in improving your visibility online.
  • Competitor analysis is always an important method. Conduct a good amount of research into keywords that your competitors are using especially when you notice that their ranking is better. If you decide to use high-competition keywords strategically in listings, it can drive traffic to your listings. You can then improve on your keyword usage to achieve improved visibility.
  • The use of backend keywords is another important method. These keywords are the ones that customers are not privy to but they ensure that the product ranks well and hence will be more visible. While entering these backend search terms, make sure you include terms that are not already included in your product description, titles, and bullet points. They should fit within Amazon’s 250 bytes specification without any repetitions to optimize them well.
  • Understand your target audience well. Different people might use different search terms that ultimately display your product. That is why you need to know exactly who your target audience is, so you are in a better position to use keywords in such a way that they answer the questions being asked by your potential customers.
  • Track keywords for their performance and use tools like SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Search that show you exactly what to use in your listings for improved visibility.
  • Amazon PPC campaigns are effective in amplifying the visibility of your products and boosting sales. Once you have analyzed the performance of your keywords, you must include only those in your campaigns that are instrumental in earning you high ranks on the search results page and thereby enhance your brand image.


Finding the best keyword methods is a time-consuming and cumbersome process but once you learn how to go about it, you can begin to reap the benefits. All the points mentioned above are meant to help your products earn the top spots and a high click-through rate.

It works towards improving your SEO which in turn means your products are more easily discoverable. This will drive more traffic to listings and boost your overall visibility.

Author’s Bio:

Arishekar N, the Head of Marketing at SellerApp, specializes in digital marketing, in addition to website keyword optimization for search engines. His areas of expertise include enhancing the organic ranking of web pages on search engines with innovative SEO strategies and online promotions.

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