Best Models You Can Create With Creality LD002R UV

As 3D printing technology advances, creative artists and designers are coming up with new things to produce with these machines everyday. The astounding fact is that nothing seems to limit a 3D printer and everything can be printed in one way or the other. These models have been simplifying the life of the users as well as serving many other motives like, play, decoration, storage, etc. When we talk about resin printers, Creality LD002R UV comes to mind first. It is the best when it comes to building resin best models with the help of MSLA technology. Here are some of the models that can be created with this printing machine.

Best Decorative Models To Create

Flower Vase

Anyone can create a durable and complex flower vase from resin. They have great strength to hold water and flowers and look beautiful as centerpieces in the living room. You can make a spiraling design or simple rectangular vase with unique corners.

Character Models

Whether you are a fan of Captain America or Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones or Rick And Morty, you can make any sculpture to decorate your home with the Creality LD002R UV. Having a model just as you like it and just as you pictured it in your head is possible with good quality resin and MSLA technology 3D printers.


You can have the classic Eiffel tower or Hogwarts Castle right at your bedside table as decoration. With this Creality printer, you can create a variety of miniature models to exactly replicate the real architectural masterpieces. If you are attached to any other place or city. You can have its memory printed.

Best Toy Models For Play

Rex Dinosaur

You can make a flexible rex dinosaur miniature that is for children’s play or for work desk decoration. The different parts can be printed separately and then hinged together for flexibility. It looks very cool and cute and is a harmless toy.

Little Cycles

Small bicycles are very pretty and cute and are harmless toys for toddlers. You can create each part separately to enable it moving around or can create it as one piece. These cycles are very easy to make with the Creality LD002R UV printer and designs can be commonly found online.

Fly Toys

Dragon flies, birds, airplanes and other things that fly fascinate the children a lot. You can have your child play with them by making many such toys with your Creality printer.

Best Convenience Or Utility Models

Mobile Phone Holder

Although it is made better with TPU or PLA filaments, resin also does good for making phone platforms or holders. Every person today has to have their phone with them at all times. And so, there is the problem of keeping it somewhere it is safe and easy to find. Mobile phone holders make your life easy and mobile storage convenient.

Plantation Pots

If you are an active planter, you can make plant pots in several designs and shapes. You can give wings to your imagination and make new designs. Whenever you feel like you can’t find the perfect plant pot in the perfect colors, size or design, make one for yourself at home with the Creality LD002R UV printer.

Candy Dispenser

If your kids are also fond of candies and seldom litter them around the kitchen table or bedroom, a candy dispenser is the best model you can make for them. You can store multiple packers of candies into one dispenser and also give it a knob at the bottom for taking the candy out. Slo, let the kids know that this is where the candy should be kept at all times.

Storage Racks

Storage tracks are great for keeping things that usually don’t have a dedicated compartment in your closet or a drawer in your table. These racks are considerably durable and can take decent weight as these are made from resin. So, you can make some for yourself on your Creality LD002R UV printer.

Multipurpose Shelf

One thing that completes your room is the multipurpose shelf on your room wall. You can be creative with this space. You can use it for decor and storing your books, etc. Some people also like to keep small plants and hangings to give it an elegant look. WIth resin printers, you can make shelves of any size.


All-in-all, any user can print a variety of designs and models with the Creality LD002R UV printer. You can create play items as well as decor models. There are many times when you want a certain model exactly the way you like it and have to go from one place to another in search of it. So, it is better to make such models than to face disappointment. Anyone can download printing models online. If you are considering buying the machine for yourself, find it at Mech E-Store, an online 3D printer and material store.

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