Are Zero Tolerance Knives Worth the Money?

There are plenty of ultra premium pocket knife brands out there, all of which command fairly heavy prices. Most of the super-high end market is controlled by producers of custom and handmade knives, but there are some other players that order large sums as well. Zero Tolerance knives are some of them – but are they worth it?

While Zero Tolerance Knives may lack some of the history of more storied industry leaders like Victorinox, Buck, and Boker, there still is some serious quality behind the works at Zero Tolerance, also known as ZT.

Since 2006, Zero Tolerance has been designing and producing knives that have been consistent hits among firemen, law enforcement officers, first responders, and military and paramilitary personnel. They aimed to produce uncommon quality among hard-use knives intended to be used and abused in the course of everyday carry.

While their original fanbase was composed largely of individuals from the aforementioned lines of work, Zero Tolerance (or ZT, as they are affectionately known) made the shift to appeal to users looking for a hard-use EDC knife. They began experimenting with different materials and producing knives that proudly displayed innovative technology.

Many of their knives are made with high end materials and super steels. Some knives feature blades of 20 CV steel or S30V, which is well known for its toughness and edge retention. It is one of the most highly regarded steels in knifemaking. Similarly, their knives feature scale materials that are meant to take it on the chin and keep moving, such as G10 and carbon fiber, which are both light and strong.

Many of their knives also feature innovative technology such as sub frame lock mechanisms, that are both easier to manipulate than traditional frame locks and stronger than traditional linerlocks.

If you need a new EDC knife, ZT Knives will not disappoint. They’re tough, reliable, ergonomic, and made from the highest-quality materials available.

Zero Tolerance Knives Worth a Second Look

ZT Knives are actually now owned by Kershaw Knives of KAI USA, but that makes little difference in their objective quality. If you’re in the market for a new ZT Knife, check out any of the following models:

  • 0357: 20CV steel and G10 scales
  • 0350TS: S30V and G10 scales
  • 0562: S35VN and G10 scales
  • 0450: A highlight from Dmitry Sinkevich, get the model with S35VN and titanium scales
  • 0456: 20CV steel blade and titanium handle
  • 0850: The product of collaboration between Sinkevich and Todd Rexford; get the model with a carbon fiber handle and a 20CV blade.

If you can’t tell from the accolades or the premium materials and workmanship, yes, ZT knives are worth the money – particularly any of the above models.

You can find many of these, easily, online at White Mountain Knives. Visit their website,, to check out some of these models at great prices – and don’t forget that they offer free shipping on orders in the U.S.

They also carry a lot of clout with their vendors, so if you don’t see a model of interest listed on their website, get in touch with their customer service team at [email protected] They can probably find it for you.

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