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AVM fritz repeater 3000

Configuring The AVM FRITZ Repeater 3000 With User Interface

The AVM FRITZ Repeater 3000 is a mesh repeater that increases the signal range when connected to the Router. It works as a separate router after successfully being connected to the router. It extends the coverage at every corner of the workplace.  The design of this repeater is unique, as it rests on a place with two inclined legs. It delivers a speed of upto 3000 Mbit/s with three independent radio units. It has a WPS button and two super fast Gigabit ports on the right side. The WPS button offers you to set up your FRITZ repeater within a few minutes. The two Gigabit ports help you to make a LAN bridge without using the LAN function. It can easily run with maximum routers. 

The setup is simple and it can be accomplished by adjusting the repeater at various spots. The inbuilt LED light will teach you to find the perfect place. Its user interface can be managed not only from the system device, but also from a mobile device, tablets, and many more.

AVM FRITZ Repeater 3000 Manual

Before installing the repeater, you should read all the instructions mentioned in the user manual. It will teach you to do all the settings. The fritz repeater 3000 manual consists of package contents, device features, operating modes, connecting the repeater with the router, security, safety instructions, cautions, and FCC statements. 

Connecting The Router With AVM FRITZ Repeater 3000

Open the box and take out your repeater device, wired cables, adapter, and user manual safely. Place your rep[aeter on a flat surface. Place the router also. Ensure that distance is decent to detect the coverage range for the repeater.  Connect both FRITZ repeater and router. You will see that the LED light is illuminating on the repeater. Press the connect button when you see a solid green light as quickly as you can. After 2 minutes, push the WPS button available at the front of the router. Now connect your repeater with the system device after plugging the adapter into the AC socket. If it shows the orange LED light, it means the router and repeater distance is too close to connect. Place your repeater device until it shows a solid green light.

Now we are gonna discuss how you can configure your FRITZ repeater using the interface.

Tips To Configure The AVM FRITZ Repeater 3000 With User Interface

Configuring The Password

Open the interface of the repeater by visiting the official website or an IP address. After successful sign in, forward to the system and then choose the password option. Choose your password with at least 12 characters including upper case letter, lower case letter, numerals, and special characters.  Setting the password will allow you to access the repeater and protects you from unknown people.

Configuring The LED Light

Choose the system menu after signing in to the repeater page. Select the LED brightness. There is an option available to turn on or off your LED display. Choose to apply a button to turn off or on the LED light permanently.

Configuring The Language

Again go to the system option and select the region and language. Choose the Language option. Select the language you want to set and hit the apply option. Reboot your FRITZ repeater to apply the language you have selected.

Configuring The WiFi Settings For Countries.

Type http fritz repeater in the search box of the browser. Choose the system option and select the region option. As this repeater is made for various countries, you can select the country. Restart your device and the region has been changed.

Review On AVM FRITZ Repeater 3000

It is a great repeater and I have been using it for the last 18 months. No problem with that. It comes with a very affordable price range as compared to the others. It delivers a super fast speed of 3000 Mbit/s and spreads the signal coverage at every corner of your building. The biggest disadvantage of this repeater is its worst design. With two inclined legs, It consumes very less power and hence saves the power cost and money. it can be placed perfectly but looks very weird as compared to the other sleek and compact repeaters. Installation and setup are easy and can be managed by using the interface. Overall. A perfect repeater with outstanding range. I recommend all the users to purchase this device.

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