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B. Tech AI Engineer Salary: The Lucrative World of AI Engineering

Do you want to get ideas about Artificial intelligence in B. Tech? Is it playing a significant role in shaping the future of students? If so, then you are right as Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in the lives of the students. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is empowering the future and significantly impacting our day-to-day lives. Whether the person is using facial recognition or booking a Cab on Uber or Ola, you are using AI-enabled technology without even knowing it. Nowadays, every organization uses AI technology to ease their business operations. 

AI introduces an excess amount of opportunities for students to design, develop, and build products for the future. In our education sector, there will be an introduction to the new stream which is B. Tech AI and Data Science. Let’s have a look at what AI engineers do in the below article. 

What is an AI Engineer?

The professionals of Computer Science who have completed their studies from B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges who use AI and Machine Learning to create real-life AI-based applications are called AI Engineers. They create AI systems for firms that can be used to boost efficiency, decrease costs, improve profits, and derive insights to make important business decisions. 

There are chances that you have encountered some applications of AI Engineering in your day-to-day life. These consist of the image processing in your smartphone camera, the suggestions you can get on Netflix or Amazon, and self-driving cars. Another important application of artificial intelligence in B. Tech is in the Healthcare industry where it can help doctors to treat illness or perform complex surgeries. 

AI Engineers are normally computer science students with post-graduate degrees and graduate degrees such as B. Tech Artificial Intelligence and data science. You can easily become an AI Engineer by choosing the required skills from online courses that can teach you the necessary steps to become an AI Engineer.

What does an AI Engineer do?

AI engineers work on creating AI models where machines multiply human intelligence by solving problems and learning from each iteration. Because they are trained on a vast quantity of data, these models can gain knowledge and become more effective. The responsibilities of an AI Engineer studied at top B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges are the maintenance of the model, performance of the model, and supervision of the model. 

AI Engineers need some set of quality skills to be able to do their jobs well. For anyone doing this job, programming proficiency is a must. AI Engineers must have good knowledge and understanding of fields like robotics, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics. 

Roles and Responsibilities of an AI Engineer

Some of the key roles and responsibilities of an AI Engineer from Best B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges are as follows-

  • creating AI models from the ground up and supporting customers and marketers with deployment and evaluation
  • Building and managing AI systems and creating new products
  • carrying out statistical analysis and analyzing the findings to improve and direct the business’s decision-making
  • Automating the data science team’s infrastructure
  • converting machine learning models into application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Systems for training and retraining as required
  • carrying out tests and trials in AI and machine learning
  • Working together and sharing responsibilities with other groups to advance AI adoption and best practices

What skills should an AI Engineer have?

Professionals who have finished B. Tech AI and data science and want to become AI Engineers must possess the following skills.

  • proficiency in TypeScript, Python, R, Java, Scala, and C++, and additional languages for programming
  • extensive proficiency in algebraic geometry, calculus, statistics, and probabilities
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence in B. Tech models, including Naive Bayes, Gaussian mixture models, Hidden Markov, and linear discriminant analysis
  • knowledge of large data technologies including Hadoop, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • knowledge of machine learning frameworks and techniques, including Keras, Naive Bayes, KNN, PyTorch, Theano, linear regression
  • powerful communication abilities
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • powerful leadership abilities

How to Become an AI Engineer?

There are some basic steps that you need to follow to become an AI Engineer. The steps to become an AI Engineer are listed below.

  1. Acquiring the required Education: Receiving a degree in the same field is the best idea because AI engineering demands a valid educational foundation. A B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges, data science, mathematics, or a similar field are typically held by AI engineers. A master’s degree in these AI-related subjects may be useful, moreover, it’s not necessarily necessary. AI engineers who have done B. Tech artificial intelligence and data science are required to have a formal education as well as proficiency in applied mathematics, programming languages, and algorithms. If you have a degree that gives you crucial background knowledge and is eligible for the position, making it the most frequently recognized recruiting criterion.
  2. Must have hands-on experience: Receiving experience is important for aspiring engineers in Artificial intelligence in B. Tech. Applying for internships in related sectors will help you get experience in the industry and better prepare for the future.
  3. Build Technical Skills: Once you get a theoretical understanding of AI from Top Engineering Colleges in Delhi, you should focus on improving your technical abilities. Fluency in technologies that AI engineers often utilize, such as AI models, and natural language processing, programming, is part of this.
  4. Take online courses and Boot camps: To get the qualifications needed to become an AI engineer who has completed artificial intelligence in B. Tech, think about enrolling in a brief, intense course. AI training programs and online courses are meant to help you get started in the field. You may also look at the AI courses that Emeritus has created in association with prestigious institutions.
  5. Create your AI portfolio: Your AI portfolio is an effective means of showing your abilities and background. Irrespective of your level of AI experience, it provides solid evidence of your skills. To highlight your hobbies, professional development objectives, and collaborative AI initiatives, a portfolio is a must.
  6. Grow your professional network: Building connections with other industry artificial intelligence in B. Tech professionals may be quite advantageous. Making connections with coworkers, industry experts, and mentorship may provide you with possibilities for professional progress and insightful guidance. Furthermore, networking enables you to discover new career prospects, experience other markets and sectors, and remain current with developing trends and industry best practices.
  7. Ask someone to mentor you: Your career as an AI developer might be greatly influenced by a quality mentor. They can guide your career path and help you understand how to become an AI engineer. A good student from Top Engineering Colleges in Delhi with a successful track record in the industry can assess your areas of strength and growth and provide insightful advice.
  8. Apply for AI engineer job roles: Apply for an AI engineer job as soon as you’ve finished all of the steps required to become an AI engineer. You may demonstrate your skills and knowledge to prospective employers in this way. 

What are the 7 top AI Engineer jobs? 

There are 7 top AI Engineer jobs for B. Tech AI and data science students. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Machine learning Engineer
  2. Big Data Engineer
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  5. Research Scientist
  6. Software Engineer
  7. Business Intelligence Developer

Frequently Asked Questions:   

1. What is the salary of an AI Engineer in India?

The salary of an AI Engineer in India who has done B. Tech AI and data science can range from 8 lakhs to 50 lakhs annually. 

2. How does AI Engineer Salary in India change with experience?

As experience and position increase, the salary also increases.

3. What are the popular skills required to become an AI Engineer?

Ans. The skills required to become an AI engineer from the top B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges are Programming languages, data engineering, exploratory data analysis, deployment, modeling, and safety.

4. What is the starting salary for an AI Engineer in India?

The starting salary for an AI Engineer in India who has done artificial intelligence in B. Tech can be from 8 lakhs annually.

5. What is the highest salary for an AI Engineer in India?

The highest salary for an AI Engineer in India is 50 lakhs.