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Difference between B2B and b2c in ecommerce

Difference 1: Scope of Audience Another big difference between b2b and b2c is their scope of audience. While B2B companies typically target a broad audience such as business associates, employees, entrepreneurs, and customers, b2c companies target a more specific audience such as parents, sports enthusiasts, teens, or young people in general. B2b companies also have larger budgets compared to b2c ones which helps them cater more to the needs of their audience.

Difference 2: Functionality Another big difference between b2b and b2c in ecommerce is the functionality of their websites. B2b businesses usually focus on providing their customers with useful information while on their sites, while most ecommerce websites do not have much functionality that can be of help to their users. The common thing is to give an idea of what is going on the site and provide contact information for those who would like to communicate with the company. This is where b2b and b2c websites differ as they focus more on providing useful information to their clients instead of trying to give the impression that the company is some sort of ‘online superstore’.

Difference 3: User Experience Another big difference between b2b vs b2c in ecommerce is their user experience. While many businesses look at using social networking sites to increase their customer base, they forget the fact that those who frequent these sites are the ones who will actually use the company’s products. Instead, many companies hire companies that provide them with the best customer service experience so that they are satisfied with their online shopping experience. B2b companies tend to hire companies who focus more on answering their customers’ questions and taking their orders through email rather than through phone or chat. This is not something that many companies in the b2b industry prefer to do so make sure that your company has a good and efficient customer service department.

Difference 4: Customer Expectations When dealing with any kind of business, there are always expectations on the part of its users and the users are usually expected to meet them. Most businesses are more concerned about meeting their expectations from customers as compared to their customers’ expectations of them. In commerce, this is even more prominent since most people expect their ecommerce websites to offer them with the best customer service available on the internet.

Difference 5: Customer Feedback When dealing with a company that deals in the b2b or b2c business, customers expect the same kind of response from them. Most businesses provide customer support either on a web portal or through email that includes customer support as well as the ability to chat with them. However, it is not uncommon for companies to provide b2b or b2c services where the support is provided through email, mobile phone, live chat, and live answering machine. While some companies provide live chat services as well, others provide only email support.

Difference 6: Responsiveness When dealing with a business that offers B2B services, customers are expecting the business to respond to their inquiries as soon as possible. This is because they are dealing with a business that is focused on fulfilling its clientele. A business that offers a B2B business does not have the focus on customer review satisfaction and is more likely to get stuck on providing you with a response within a given period of time.

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