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Baby stroller

Baby stroller: tips and considerations

The baby stroller is one of the basic elements that you should have when you have a baby. However, knowing how to choose the right one is not always easy. There are many models and options that the market offers. Therefore, it is normal that you do not know where to start looking. Next, we present a series of tips so that your purchase is adapted to everything your baby needs.

Baby stroller: aesthetics and practicality

Aesthetics, that is, our tastes, does not always go hand in hand with what is practical or manageable. Thus, it is essential that you take into account certain aspects when choosing your child’s stroller.

For example, that it enters the trunk of your car or the elevator. However, that does not mean that you cannot choose the stroller that you like the most: there are many options, so you will surely find the one that combines both requirements.

Baby Stroller Features:

First of all, make sure that your child will travel in the safe stroller. The belt of the same must have simple and quick anchors when opening them. In addition, it must have a security bar that offers sufficient guarantees.

It should also be light. That is, once folded, it should be able to be carried with one hand. In addition, it is important that it is manageable, that is, that it rolls and turns well so that you can carry it more comfortably. In fact, there are some types of wheels with the ability to adapt to different terrains and types of soils. These are best suited for travel. Buy Prams and Strollers Online

Regarding the measurements or dimensions, you should check that it suits your needs. If you have a small house, the best thing is that the cart does not take up too much space. It is also essential that you check that it is adjustable to different heights. It is not the same to carry the cart with sports shoes than with heels. If the stroller can regulate its height, you will avoid many back problems .

With regard to accessories, many large models have a built-in space for all kinds of accessories : bags, backpacks, parasol and, of course, a rain hood. Finally, make sure that the chair can recline and the upholstery can be removed, as well as that it is washable, breathable and padded.

The models called maxi-cosi, which are integrated on a simple chassis, are a more functional option than the so-called carrycot. At present there are maxi-cosi strollers for children that ensure comfort for the baby and correct posture.

The maxi-cosi model offers more comfort than the carrycot. In addition, it is not so bulky, it offers the possibility of accessories being placed in it and it is also usually a cheaper option. These strollers for children usually have three pieces next to the chassis , consisting of the legs and the wheels. These three parts are:

The stroller , which is used from 6 months, when the little one can support his head by himself.

The carrycot or cuckoo , where babies with a very short time of life lie down, as if it were a bed.

The maxi-cosi itself, that is, the center of the stroller. Although it is the name of a brand, the name derives from this piece.

Cultural aspects to carry the newborn

The way we transport newborn babies has a cultural undertone. In Spain, most of the children go in a carrycot, especially if they are small . Also, many professionals advise this option. This is because the theory is often defended that the back of the little ones has to be continuously horizontal.

However, the standard baby stroller does not exist . What may be suitable for some children is not suitable for others. Therefore, the needs and peculiarities of each must be taken into account. In any case, there are some characteristics that any baby stroller should have:

Keep it small, comfortable and transportable.

That its weight is not high. To this should be added the weight of the child, so the set could be very heavy.

For parents who like to travel, the baby’s stroller has to be all-rounder . So it can be adapted to any type of soil

The question of whether it has a carrycot or not will depend on the tastes of the parents. Normally, if that is a newborn, the stroller usually carries it. If you bet on one of them, it is recommended that the carrycot be simple, light and, if possible, foldable. So you can keep it at home when your child grows up and you just want to use the stroller. In addition, there are some models approved for traveling by car.

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