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Find the most beautiful garden in the UK

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beautiful garden in uk

Britain, which has been rainy and rainy, has recently ushered in the sun! It is better to take advantage of the shining sun, the blue sky and white clouds, and the breeze to find the most beautiful gardens in Britain. There is no vegetation coverage in the UK. Parks, green spaces, and gardens, large and small, are diverse and diverse. It is said that there are hundreds of parks in the city of London alone!

The most beautiful garden in London

Chelsea Physic Garden

The Chelsea Centennial Flower Show last month was the most popular flower show in the UK. From the Chelsea flower display, next to it is the Chelsea Physic Garden. Although this garden is not as famous as the Chelsea Flower Show, it is also regarded as one of the oldest botanical gardens in the UK. Founded in 1673, there are many medicinal plants here. The botanical garden is not only visited by tourists, but also a major place for students to learn about medicinal plants, rehabilitation treatment and gardening. Walking into this Chelsea Medicinal Botanical Garden on the banks of the Thames in West London is like “Alice in Wonderland”.

Regent’s park Queen Mary’s Garden (Regent’s park Queen Mary’s Garden)

If you mention the largest park in London, in addition to the almost contiguous Hyde Park, St. James Park and Green Park, it is the non-Regent! Regent’s Park not only has more than 500 acres of endless green space, flocks of fat pigeons and lush woods, it also has a very romantic and charming Queen Mary Rose Garden in its center. When the roses are in full bloom in summer, there will be 30,000 and more than 400 kinds of roses. On a sunny day, lazily hiding on the wooden porch chairs in the rose garden, the sweet breath, the chirping birds, and occasionally you can enjoy the concert performed by the Royal Conservatory in the sunset. How cozy!

Westminster Abbey Back Garden

Everyone who is new to Britain will visit one of the most spectacular and magnificent churches in Britain, Westminster Abbey (Westminster Abbey). Its solemn and solemnity undoubtedly made everyone feel a bit chill. But as everyone knows, Westminster, who has always been serious, has its own gentle side. Entering its back garden, although it is a small monastery residence, it is covered with green grass, exquisite small fountains, dotted with small wildflowers, plus a few medicinal and aromatic plants. The flowers, ponds, and cute birds carefully trimmed by the monastery academicians, you will also feel the same delicate and loving here as the monastery academicians!

Kew Garden

Kew Gardens, full name The Royal Botanic Gardens kew. It goes without saying that this is a natural plant oxygen bar. Compared with the noisy central London, it is simply a natural paradise. Don’t underestimate this garden. At the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, every seed of the British Dandelion Pavilion came from here, which shows its status in the hearts of the British. The Kew Garden is very large. Since it is the Botanic Garden, there will naturally be many greenhouse buildings, such as the Palm House, and the Temperate House is the iconic building of the Kew Garden.Use gardening naturally voucher code for a good discount. .

Kensington Roof Gardens

You might disagree, isn’t it just a garden built on the roof? Kensington Sky Garden is not ordinary. Around the 1830s, two friends once had two friends who felt bored, so they built a roof garden on the roof of their Kensington department store. Today, this garden is still the largest roof garden in Europe. It covers an area of ​​more than 6000 square meters and consists of three gardens, namely the Spanish garden, the Tudor garden, and the English garden, and each garden has its own unique decoration. In addition, there is a 1.5-acre place for relaxation. At night, stand in the sky garden, overlooking the brightly lit London City, and enjoy the charming night view of London City. You can also host private parties here!

If you are in other cities in the UK and you don’t want to go to London to visit the gardens, you can also check out the gardens in other cities:


The Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses


Botanical Gardens and Castle Gardens; 


Burghley House Garden and Gunby Hall Garden;


Tatton Park and Dunham Massey Hall Garden

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