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Master the Art of Link Building with These 7 Tips

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Link building is the most effective technique to give your website authority on search engines. They help in driving organic traffic to your site and increase your site’s ranking. A more significant number of backlinks increases your chances of gaining high rankings.

However, creating and placing backlinks in your content is no child’s play. It’s challenging and requires a lot of strategic planning and critical thinking. Backlinks must be used from a diverse source of the site and placed naturally. It is how they show their actual effect and increase your website’s reachability. 

Read below to find out the right set of strategies you should consider for making your link building more effective.


Outreach is a critical link-building strategy. It means reaching out to your potential customers/clients and compelling them to read your content. Outreach is crucial in SEO. It draws organic traffic to your site, improves visibility and leads, and eventually increases revenue. The best part about outreaching is that you do not need any elaborative content necessarily. A link about your company, product, or service would do the job. There are mainly two types of audience you should reach out to. First includes those who use your keywords in their search, while the latter includes people that use similar links in their blogs/articles.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is hands down the most powerful backlink strategy out of all. Contrary to popular belief, guest blogging isn’t dead yet. It is a great way to attract organic followers and improve your website’s visibility. Guest blogging can help you draw a considerable amount of new traffic to your site, which you couldn’t do by just relying on your blogs. Guest blogs have millions of fans and followers. Undoubtedly, posting on guest sites and linking your blog is an excellent link-building tactic.

However, you must do guest blogging the right way. Don’t wait for the ‘right’ guest site to approach you. Instead, look for any relevant site and pitch them in. Remember to study the blog’s audience and user experience. It will make it much easier for you to create relevant and engaging content. Guest blogging helps in improving your site’s domain authority and creates brand awareness. Moreover, studies prove that blogging can increase site visitors by 55%.

Distribute infographics

Infographic is a collection of data, information, charts, and imagery to clearly and concisely understand a topic. It makes confusing information easy to understand and constructively previews your message. Notably, infographics are crucial to link building. They have the power to transform data into outstanding graphics. They grab users’ attention, improve brand value, and are capable of making your content go viral.

Most importantly, they generate a hundred percent organic traffic and help to generate more backlinks than regular blog posts. Hence, infographics are an essential link-building tactic you should not avoid at any cost.

Make use of social media

Social media has become the dominant factor in marketing. It is revolutionizing the world of marketing for the better. More than 3.8 billion people in this world are active social media users. 75% of marketers believe social media to be the most fundamental marketing strategy in this fast-paced, digitally advanced world.

Social media can be very advantageous for link building as well. The key is to stay active and consistent with your post. It enhances engagement and exposes your website’s link to many more people. The number of ‘shares,’ ‘comments,’ and ‘likes’ on your posts give credibility to your content and increases its authenticity. You can also connect with various bloggers and upgrade your guest posting skills.

Link reclamation

As mentioned above, link building is not easy. It’s a tough and time-consuming task but what’s more unfortunate is how rapidly you keep losing links without realization. There are two primary reasons behind lost connections; either the linkage page removed the link, or the page no longer exists. Links get removed from pages mostly when the author upgrades and audits the content.

Luckily, reclaiming lost links isn’t very complex. There are various ways and techniques through which you can find out when connections are lost and recycle them. Reclaiming links can improve your SEO performance and rebuild your link profile. It is an instrumental and cost-effective link-building technique.

Broken Link Strategy

A broken link strategy works best for busy marketers who are short on time for creative content. You need to simply find a broken link, come up with a similar resource, and request bloggers linking the dead source to link your source instead. Broken links can terrifically affect your SEO and enhance your link-building profile.

Emails are the most professional medium for reaching out to bloggers with dead links in their content. Keep your template simple and your message to-the-point. Also, be respectful yet convincing throughout the email. When dealt with in the right manner, broken links can significantly benefit marketers and publishers. It is an excellent off-page SEO strategy.

Influencer mentions

Have you ever read about a company or product just because your favorite influencer endorsed it? Probably Yes. Adding or mentioning influencers in posts is one of the top marketing gimmicks. It makes your content engaging, interactive and gets you an immense number of links. Apart from link building, influencer marketing values your target audience and builds brand awareness, trust, and credibility. It’s an inexpensive tactic and is an excellent addition to your content strategy. Most importantly, it can yield a high ROI.


Link building is a very relevant, vital, and inescapable marketing tool. SEO is incomplete without proper backlinks. Besides increasing website traffic and visibility, link building can also give your brand an authoritative voice. It gives you reliability and helps you connect with your niche audience in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Link building is also an excellent idea for boosting sales and generating revenue. Paid promotions and sponsorships can help increase your profit margin significantly.

However, you can only experience all these benefits if you have built up a proper link-building strategy. Follow the above-given tips and start working on your link-building plan now.

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