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6 Beauty Spa Treatments You Can Try at Home This Year

Indulging in self care is something everyone should consider. Pampering yourself isn’t vain or selfish. It’s deservedly putting yourself first so that you can have the energy to attend to all of life’s obligations more efficiently. One way to indulge in some pampering is to treat yourself to a spa treatment. Unfortunately, these types of therapies can be expensive. In addition, taking a trip to the spa might not be possible right now. Instead, consider these six spa treatments you can try at home this year.

1. Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub is a wonderful way to treat your skin to a pampering treatment and to achieve a lovely glow. Sugar scrubs are used to slough off dead skin cells to reveal the healthy skin beneath. They can also be customized to infuse added benefits such as hydration and protein. There are all sorts of recipes out there. The basic ingredients are usually a carrier oil and sugar. Oftentimes, you will have these at home. Other ingredients can be added to achieve the desired results.

2. Stone Facial

Natural stones are used in a number of beauty treatments, including full body massages. You can use your favorite stone to perform a facial that stimulates circulation and simply feels marvelous. At-home beauty treatments don’t have to be expensive or fancy to provide you with a luxurious feel. You can use natural smooth, tumbled stones you may have at home such as quartz, selenite, citrine or amethyst to gently massage your face. If you’d like, you can purchase a stone roller for an extra smooth and luxurious effect.

3. Face Mask

Face masks are a spa staple. They feel wonderful and can provide a number of benefits such as exfoliation, hydration or acne-reducing. Simple ingredients from your own kitchen can provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your skin. Some online research can help you to tailor your recipe. Some common at-home mask ingredients include rice, coffee or oats.

4. Bath Bombs

Making your own bath bomb is a simple and effective way to get the pampering effects of a spa in your own bathroom. A base of epsom salts, herbs and oils can be pressed together to create an energizing bath bomb to soothe sore muscles and provide an aromatherapy escape.

5. Spa Bath

Finally, you can actually set up your own version of a spa bath at home. These days, they make easy-to-install soft spa tubs that can be set up anywhere. A 6 person spa would be ideal if you want to allow family or friends to join you. This type of investment can give you a true spa experience any time you need it.

6. Facial Steam

Another easy treatment is a facial steam. It involves a bowl of water heated between 100 and 110 degrees. Add your favorite oils or herbs such as lavender, rose water or passion flower. Then rest your face between five and 10 inches away from the water’s surface. Put a towel over your head to corral the steam. This is a wonderful way to open your pores and just relax.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas to get you started on creating your own spa at home. Feel free to modify them to suit your own style, needs and preferences. The important thing is to be sure to pamper yourself regularly. Hopefully, these six tips have sparked some ideas for creating your own at-home spa experience. Have fun with it and get creative. You can customize your own spa treatments to fit your skin and hair type. Enjoy this practice and give yourself some much needed pampering.

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