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How to Keep your Car Top-notch

A car is a huge investment requiring a lot of thinking and planning and once you purchase it, it hurts to see it getting old and all dusty with the use. While some may think getting use out of it is the best way to get enough for the price but only the buyer understands the value of attachment and sentiments attached to your lovely four wheeled buddy who takes you from places to places without complaining.

Now, you must be thinking how to keep your car new and great even after letting it run on the road under the scorching sun and being exposed to all kinds of weathers. Don’t worry we are just here with some basic tips that will keep your car as good as new and ready to pass any harsh circumstances that life may throw its way?

Check Engine Oil

For a car in good shape, do it weekly, monthly; more frequently if you detect an oil leak or feel that you need to add oil routinely. On level land, the car should be parked so you can get an accurate reading of the dipstick. Don’t fill up. And if you do have a leak, easily find it and repair it.

Since engine oil is the main driving force of the car, it you ignore it for too long then you will be suffering from the consequences. Not only engine oil keeps the car running, if less it will damage the automobile parts beyond repair and you will left heartbroken and spending every penny to make sure your car gets better. So make sure to get it improved before it gets much worse.

Clean it carefully

Careful washing by hand is the best cleaning that your car can get. Sadly, that is only the case if done right, which is not done by most drivers. What seems like a reasonably easy process, washing your car, can actually cause a lot of damage to the paint when done improperly. For that reason, and because a car should be washed weekly optimally, many car owners prefer a soft-cloth automatic car wash to eliminate dirt and contaminants using new, filtered water and soft foam brushes.

If you want to clean your car in the driveway, do your car a favor and forgo the dish soap, which can have a detrimental impact on the paint and can dissolve wax coatings that are meant to protect you. Instead, use a designated car wash soap that is designed for the kinds of pollutants that get on an automobile (rather than a dish) and do not damage the paint.

Be Careful With What You Buy For It

This does not mean to add the best accessories to it or fill the back seat with comfortable cushions it means to be vigilant of the expenses you do on your car. It seems like a good idea to opt for a cheaper option of the two whenever a spare part goes wrong in the car or you may also go for an alternative to high quality since you think it’s not that big of a deal, but it is!

Always invest wisely whenever you need to get a spare part or something replaced in the car engine. If you are worrying about the costs, use the Autozone coupon code 40% which is a very famous deal on the market.

Check the Air Pressure on Tire

Using an accurate tire-pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure in each tire, including the spare, once a month and before any extended road trips. If the tires are cold, do this when (before the vehicle has been driven or after no more than a couple of miles of driving). Using the inflation pressure prescribed by the manufacturer of the car, not the maximum stress embossed on the sidewall of the tire. The prescribed pressure is normally located in the glove compartment on a placard on the front door jamb.

Lookout for Friction

The hood latch is one maintenance item that many drivers never consider before their hood does not open. Keep the latch clean and lubricate it with any 3 in 1 oil or other protectant every so often. Same goes for the trunk latch. By spraying or dripping on a bit of lubricant and then swinging the door open and closed to work it in, you can take care of your door hinges. Not always in plain sight are the pivot points on your hood hinges.

Make use of the User’s Manual

Often times we do not pay much attention to keeping and maintaining our car and are guilty of its damage over the time. While a person may be busy and stuck in everyday routine keeping with the job and running errands, they need to make sure that they do not miss their car’s appointment for a regular oil change or maintenance. If that happens, they will be standing in the middle of the road one day when the car overheats and gives up for itself.

This is why we recommend you to check the user’s manual that comes with the car. It has all the explanations and the records you might need to keep to maintain your car’s health over the time. This way you will not miss a single appointment to the mechanic or oil change.

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