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What’s The Best Appliance Finish For Your Kitchen?

Facing problems while selecting the perfect finish for your appliances is quite normal. Stainless steel may appear to be the only alternative used by designers, but there are actually a variety of options, each with its own set of applications for various design settings. That means you’ll want to choose a kitchen appliance finish that not only complements your tastes but also has the potential to age gracefully. Every year, new, colorful options join the timeless classics like basic white, which have persisted since appliances were originally considered capable of exhibiting fashion—and 2021 is no exception, with numerous new color choices to offer. Busy with work deadlines? Try and buy kitchen appliances online and save tons of time. For the latest designs for your home, buy home appliances online or offline this festive season at great discounts.  Here are the top most common and classic appliance finishes, along with when you should use them, to help you make the best option for your cabinets, floors, lighting, and more. 

Stainless steel

When talking about stainless steel, it comes down to the option of loving it or leaving it, and for good reasons at that. Being a metal between the tones of light and dark, stainless steel is a safe bet neutral option to match nearly any color palette. This material has a look of quality, and this often comes with quite a hefty price than any other finish, so whether the splurge is worth it or not is a matter of personal budget and priorities. Although the best part is it’s really hard to go wrong with this option, here are a few options with which stainless steel is a strong choice. 

  • When your entire home or most of it is an ultramodern vibe stainless steel compliments it fully. Crispy metallic finishes are often connected with a feeling of modern or even futuristic spaces, and for a gloss-finished minimalistic kitchen, there are quite some better options for achieving a clean-cut, streamlined aesthetic. The polished metal finish looks brighter but will show fingerprints more. 
  • Wood and metals are quite on the opposite side but this contrast makes them work together beautifully. In a kitchen space with tons of wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances give a visual break, and they help bring out the richness of the wood’s organic patterning. There’s another way of incorporating this combination such as by including a similar metallic finish elsewhere, such as in the cabinet handles, this keeps the room look tied together. 
  • If you are absolutely bored with neutral cabinetry, try a pop of color like bold blue! It is a great cabinet color choice for those who want a little drama while still staying semi-neutral and stainless steel is an excellent choice. As mentioned, steel as a mid-tone is actually more neutral than stark white or black, so there is no way it will look harsh against even the boldest color. 


Talking about slate, it is an alternative to the traditional stainless steel appliance finish. Slate gives a more matte finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. The stone-inspired feel of slate creates a less shiny feel than the stainless steel finish. Although slate is not as versatile as stainless steel and one must be really careful when matching slate with the rest of the kitchen color pallet it still is a really classy choice. Slate looks best with high-end white or gray-toned cabinets and is a newer option for kitchen appliances. 

Versatile colors

For more fun and retro approach to the kitchen space, selecting a not-so-traditional color for your appliance finish is the way to go. One can now find just about any color and include palettes like reds, blues, oranges, yellows, or even purples. The possibilities are truly endless. But if you are yet not ready for such a big leap, go for pop color cabinets by adding reds, or purples. 


A black appliance finish option is a riskier design choice than some of the other options out in the market. In the past few years, appliances brands have started offering black stainless steel for a modern twist on the finish of the black appliances. Two design elements that work well with black appliances are white cabinets for the classic black and white dramatic ambiance. Also, blacks work best with super dark or black cabinets to give a feel of sleek and modern design. It also goes great with stainless steel finishes. 

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