Top 10 Places to visit in Bangalore

People visiting to Bangalore enjoy the right blend of heritage places, customs, civilizations, industrialization, colourful gardens, as well as a pleasant climate. It’s all for the taste of all sorts of people, young or old, in this booming town you’re sure you’ll find your corner of interest.

Nandi Hills

Bangalore’s residents have discovered the natural beauty of a hill fortification close to the main town. Although Nandi Hills is known for its greenery, it is also a popular historical fortress, home to numerous temples, monuments, and sanctuaries. The place had previously been used as a summer retreat by the renowned ruler Tipu Sultan, and there are several traces of the life and legacy of the sultan. In Nandi Hills still is his ancestral home.


Take the best beer in Toit to give the Bangalorean people a non-stop brewery that maintains the festivals crawling inside. With the claim of magical abilities for the people of this fun city to produce various kinds of breweries, this has proved to be one of those places to visit, especially on weekends, in Bangalore. Here’s the exciting part on Toit, you can take your furry friends, your domestic animals, while you are drinking a drink or two.

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Snow City

Have you ever wondered how to enjoy the snow in a city like Bangalore in summer too? Still, it is fantastic to have fun with the snow. You don’t have to plan a trip to any hill station anymore because the only snow city in your city has brought that ideal weather. You’ll experience the first-ever snowfall in your life, surrounded by cold snow all around with a low temperature. Here you get an opportunity to play in the snow, just as people do elsewhere in the cold world. Therefore, the theme park in this hot metropolitan town is your only stop to experience the snow.

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City is an entertainment park on the Mysore highway in Bidali. An adventure you can remember all of your life is the innovative film city. It is one of its kind of Indian theme parks full of fun activities for all ages. Whether you want to work with your buddies, spend a good time with your family, or have great company, Innovative Film City is always a unique destination. IFC offers exciting excursions and activities for children to enjoy. Your small balls of sunshine will become exciting in Cartoon Park, in Innovative Film City.

Vv Puram Food Street

The stretch is a paradise for food lovers, located near Lal Bagh in Bangalore’s Sajjan Rao circle, famous as Thindi Beedi, Chaat Road, and VV Puram. This food street serves healthy delicacies from North Indian chaats to South Indians and only serves vegetarians food from every corner of India. VV Puran Food street hosts 15 restaurants, which serve different kinds of items like Ragi Roti, Akki Roti, Kodu Bele, Paniyaram and Paddus, Idli, Vadas, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Uttapams as well as Dosas (pure ghee), Curd Rice, Lemon Rice, Vermicelli Upma, Rose Milk.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

This Tipu Sultan’s summer residence was built in 1791. The palace decks and walls have a floral touch with Islamic sculptures and decorations. The characteristic feature of this two-story building is that it is entirely made of teak wood with wooden pillars that support the palace’s foundations. It was said that Sultan was conducting mass and State affairs using the eastern and western balconies. The complex wooden balcony and the majestic escalators are fantastic examples of architectural wonder and the palace’s size isn’t magnanimous, but gives the state of Karnataka a rustic touch. It is one of Bangalore’s most important tourist attractions


The summer residence of that Tipu Sultan was constructed in 1791. The palace decks, the walls, and Islamic sculptures have a floral touch. The feature of this two-story building is that it is made entirely of teak wood with wooden columns which support the foundational buildings of the palace. Sultan’s mass and State affairs were reportedly conducted through eastern and western balconies. The complex wooden balcony and the majestic escalator represent fantastic architectural wonders, and the size of the palace is not magnanimous but gives rustic touches to the state of Karnataka.

Guhantara Underground Cave Resort

As first such India, since its launch, it has become quite popular, and all you will experience will be in an underground cellar. This resort has designed a luxurious stay for its guests along with facilities for indoor games, outdoor players, horse riding, a cellar nightclub, rope walks, and so on.


Located on the south part of town on the bank of the Akravati river in the middle of the luxuriant green terrain 55 kilometers. It is the largest producer of granite and silk and also becomes a major tourist destination. The ground is blanketed in green during the rainy season and is full of the waterfall. Little temples, as well as historic sites, are available, and the proximity of Akravati attracts wildlife lovers and water sport enthusiasts in Bangalore and neighboring states. It’s one of Bangalore’s best places to visit and is a one-hour drive away from the city.


While flying at 40,000 feet, you can feel the fresh air from above while riding with a trained and experienced professional pilot. During this spectacular ride that you can take with your family members and friends, try and spot the cityscapes, areas, and buildings of this southern city.

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