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Best Cycling Apps 2023 – Top Options for iPhone and Android

Cycling has become a widely popular way to reduce your carbon footprint, stay active, and explore the world. Thanks to the growing technology, there are lots of applications available to improve your cycling experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, such apps can add fun elements, improve safety, and offer valuable insights into your rides. Professional android app development services can help you create and choose the best cycling app for your needs.

Smartphones are an incredible tool that can also assist you while riding cycles. Some of the best cycling apps for tracking ensure you provide the best cycle riding experience and explore the world around you. If you are seeking to enhance your confidence to ride alone, such apps can be more helpful in different cases. 

From real-time tracking to unexpected first aid aids, all such advantages are available with these apps. 

Lots of iOS app development Kuwait companies are working to create unique and high-performing cycle riding apps. Keep reading this blog to use the best and most downloaded cycling apps for tracking.

Let’s Check the Top 8 Cycling Apps for Both Android and iPhones in 2023:

1. Strava: The All-in-One Fitness App

Strava is one of the widely used cycling systems used by both Android and iPhone users. It helps you track your rides with GPS features, which provide your speed, plan routes, time, calories burned, bike rides, distance covered, site elevation, etc. With this app, you can also compete with professional athletes and your friends. 

Strava is free to use for users. Strava encourages people to set and achieve their goals easily. All these features make Strava a perfect choice for cycle riders seeking to improve their performance.

2. Bike Doctor

Bike Doctor is an easy-to-use bike app. The app was intended to be a repair and maintenance app for riders. Moreover, the aim is concerned that not everyone is a mechanic; therefore, they’ve made repairing a bike as easy as possible. It is one of the best cycling apps suitable for beginners as well, assisting you to save money on your bike repair and maintenance. It makes sure you have a safe bike ride.

3. Map My Ride                                  

Map My Ride records a wide range of data from your ride, including elevation, speed, distance, route, and time. Similar to Strava, all this data can be easily uploaded to the app’s site, and you can share it with other users. The stats and feedback provided can assist you in enhancing your cycling experience and performance.

4. SizeMyBike 

As the first iPhone cycling app, SizeMyBike uses a total of 6 body measures. Using these measures, the app tells you the right frame size to fit your biking needs, whether you are seeking a mountain or road bike. In this way, SizeMyBike assists users in finding that perfect fit, which will help them achieve the optimum performance.

5. Bike Computer 

Bike Computer turns your phone into a GPS computer that can be used while cycling. It is free to download on both Android and iOS. It helps riders to track their elevation, route, distance, and speed. You can also share your rides with other users directly on Facebook or Strava on the competition. 

It also offers a great feature, “Keep Me Safe”, which protects you and alerts your contacts in case of an accident or fall off your bike. Several Android app development service providers are working to enhance the app’s performance and improve the overall cycling experience.

6. Fill That Hole

Fill That Hole is launched by national cyclists charity Cycling UK, which assists you in reporting potholes to local authorities. Lots of cyclists across the world use it, and it helps in keeping the roads safer for all cyclists.

7. Training Peaks

One of the most widely used apps for monitoring athlete performance is TrainingPeaks. Coaches can enter workouts, or you can use it if you’re self-coaching. If you don’t have either right now, you may purchase training plans or locate a coach right on the platform. The Training Peaks enables riders to view coaches’ comments, access your training schedule, and add your own. It is viewed more as a useful add-on to the more comprehensive desktop version.

8. Komoot

The Komoot app offers advanced routing and mapping features that can assist you in taking your ride to the next level. Indeed, this app is a game changer and offers several features, such as voice command, which is only available in a few apps. With its voice command feature, you can easily navigate rides and make cycling more comfortable. Komoot can help you make a planned journey; you need to set your location, the type of bike or cycle, and your location before the ride. During this planned journey, Komoot will save your activities as ‘completed tours’; in this way, you can track your workout details and progress.

Moreover, Komoot is one of the best cycling apps for tracking. It often provides several navigation options to riders that they can use to reach their destination; some of these routes may be adventurous and scenic. This feature makes Komoot a perfect choice for off-road riders who want to explore new terrain and make their journey more adventurous. 

Komoot helps you push your limits and makes cycling more enthusiastic. As one of the best cycling apps for tracking, its advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can navigate and plan your rides with ease and explore hidden gems and new routes along the way.

Final Words

We have elaborated the top Android and iPhone cycling apps in 2023. You can use the most suitable app as per your requirements. Shortlisting of the app can become easier with the functionalities mentioned above and features.