Best Service of WordPress development in Vancouver

We develop custom, fast, friendly and scalable WordPress sites as we have the best team for WordPress development in Vancouver. Every client we’ve had the pleasure of working with has had nothing but good things to say about us. We work hard, communicate frequently, and stay true to our estimated schedule and cost. We maintain large high-traffic sites with high commitment according to the needs of each client. Each member of our team has experience working with advanced development level projects. When we come together to collaborate on projects, we can accomplish great things. As a team, we have accomplished a lot of which we are proud of. 

Website development services in WordPress: 

 WordPress development in Vancouver:

We create, adapt and develop all types of WordPress- based websites.

Development of E-Commerce sites with WordPress system

We provide all kinds of WordPress development in Vancouver. We provide E-commerce solutions with Woo-Commerce. Our work history includes creating a custom front-end layout of your e-shop to develop an e-commerce WP theme and implement shopping carts and the payment gateway of your choice for your setup, also with our quick procedures of execution of projects that will help you achieve any level of customization of existing features. Our huge list of successfully delivered projects speaks to our capabilities of all types of E-Commerce development in WordPress, including the implementation of any payment gateway for shopping API integrations.

WordPress Hosting:

Besides WordPress development in Vacouver, we also provide website hosting in Vancouver for simple or high traffic WordPress websites. We have WordPress hosting plans for every need.

Plugin Development:

We offer custom plugin development tailored to your needs.

Design and development of custom WordPress themes

Our WordPress development in Vancouver team is versatile and has extensive experience allowing us to choose the right tool for the right job. We love creating complex applications like the one you always dreamed of.

WordPress speed optimization

We have diagnosed and fixed performance issues on many customer sites. We provide a detailed report of what caused the problems and how we fixed them.

Security and performance audit in WordPress

We review your code line by line to look for security vulnerabilities and places where performance could improve.

Consulting services on WordPress sites 

Do you know what you want for your final product, but are not sure how to get there? Or maybe you have an existing WordPress setup, but don’t know how you could improve it? We can help you fill in the idea blanks.

Migration of sites in WordPress

We carry out migrations of sites in WordPress to another hosting server. We carry out and adapt developments of sites NOT WordPress to WordPress as well as we do a reconstruction of sites in WordPress and all kinds of code implementations in WordPress.

How do we work?

We are fully committed to the success of your business. Most of our clients work with us on a long-term partnership basis. We care about you, your project and we want you to be successful. In the latter we have 3 different ways of working.

Collaborative process

We communicate daily with client teams, including developers, project managers and people responsible for the company or project. We use Skype, WhatsApp, Teamwork & Slack for our follow-up and internal communication. We can add you as a guest to our tools or integrate it with your current workflow by joining your communication and project management channels.

Singular project

Sometimes your needs are straightforward and you only need something to be built the right way once. There is nothing wrong with that! For these projects, we will be happy to expand the cost and timeline for the work to be done and deliver what you want when you need it.

Long-term partnership

Other times you may need continued development. There are many scenarios where this makes sense. Perhaps you have a large backlog of features that you want to integrate for your site over the next 6 months. Maybe you’re looking for a development team that can take ownership of your product and keep up with ongoing updates and maintenance, or maybe you’re just more comfortable knowing you have a high-quality, committed team ready and willing to do it. for when you need it.

Do you need another type of website development?

No problem, consult our website design and development service for a customized quote.

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