The Best Sunscreens for Every Skin Type:

To bask in the sun without risk of skin aging, allergic reactions, or simply heated or burned skin, draw your protection at each exposure and create yourself generously. Discover the selection of solar products with formulas always more targeted and pointed, who will take care of your skin while gradually ensuring a nice tan uniform and golden wish.

Vichy: an emulsion for a dry and powdery finish

The promise: An emulsion blotting effect that meets the expectations of his women with oily skin, who want to protect themselves from the sun but without sauna effect or shiny skin or body care.

How it works: Its fluid and light emulsion absorbs excess sebum and dries immediately. No more fat print, but a second skin effect with a dry, powdery finish. You can get skin care products online using Flipkart offers with great deals.


  • Complete protection: In addition to UVB and UVA short, it also filters long UVA, those that alter in depth and sustainable our beauty capital.
  • The soothing, invigorating and regenerating virtues of the Vichy thermal water.

Lierac: Invisible anti-wrinkle and anti-stain cream

The promise: Dedicated to very light skin, sensitive or intolerant to the sun, this cream protects face and neckline signs of aging (wrinkles and spots). The skin remains supple, smooth and uniform.

How it works: Its formula enriched with vitamin E, and with a trio of plant moisturizers, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and pigment spots by immediately repairing the DNA of the skin during exposure to the sun. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, make the lizard on the beach (in a reasonable way) without feeling of overheating.

Most: An invisible and non-whitening texture that gives pride to your golden tan.

Lancaster: Oil to counter infrared

The promise: A shield effect that protects your skin from a new enemy: infrared! It thus preserves in depth a loss of firmness, an accelerated photo-aging and an overproduction of free radicals, while ensuring a tan accelerated and homogeneous.

How it works: The oil deposits reflective minerals on the surface of the skin, preventing these invisible rays, much more numerous than the UVA / B, from penetrating into the depths of the dermis. Its anti-oxidant complex neutralizes the free radicals generated by infrared, prolonging a little the youth of your skin.


  • Its complex Tan Activator that boosts the synthesis of melanin a tan accelerated but perfectly dosed and uniform.
  • Its high protection index.

Nivea: A milky spray for gentle tanning

The promise: A care that plays the card of the natural. No self-tanning ingredients, just a molecule extracted from licorice that boosts melanin production for a gradual, intense and lasting tan.

How it works: By boosting the rise of melanin, Protect & Bronze is a double blow. Because if melanin, precious pigments generated by the body, give the skin it’s pretty gingerbread color, it also absorbs UV and fights radical attacks.

The plus: An aerial texture that settles evenly on the skin and penetrates instantly without mask effect.

Eucerin: A gel-cream to avoid allergies

The promise: This cream-gel treatment protects skin prone to sun allergies (LEB: Benign Summer Lucite) new unsightly and painful inflammatory flare-ups, burning or heating sensations.

Are you concerned with BIA?

It mainly affects women (90%), most often young (between 15-25 years). This reaction can occur after prolonged exposure to the sun, or after a simple sunny weekend or even a session of UV, because it is the solar radiation (mainly UVA) that are responsible for these eruptions often associated with itches. Small red pimples or blisters subside and then disappear after a few days without sun. But the recurrence may be immediate, or even more important, at the next exhibition. So you have to protect your skin from the sun.

How it works: Formulated with a natural ingredient with soothing and antioxidant properties, this high index treatment strengthens the natural system of skin protection against free radicals, and prevents the triggering of benign lucites. So you can enjoy the sun without full camouflage, provided of course to expose you only moderately and at the recommended times.

Most: This gel-cream care is formulated without perfume, emulsifier or preservative.

Uriage: a cream tinted to brown without sun

The promise: Optimum protection for sensitive or reactive skin that wants a nice tan but can only be moderately exposed.

How it works: Without octocrylene, UV filter potentially allergenic, and with a minimum of chemical filters precisely dosed, this tinted cream guarantees an optimal tolerance. Its high index (SPF50 +) gives the skin an extreme protection to the city as to the beach.

It’s more:

  • Its formula enriched with Uriage thermal water for intense hydration.
  • It can replace your usual foundation.

Clarins: nomadic stick for close protection

The promise: Ideal for water sports enthusiasts or snow, this nomad stick is easily pulled out to protect the sensitive areas of the sun from the sun. No more noses or ears that peel, nor lips or sneezed cheekbones. You can apply for Beautician Jobs to know about this field.

How it works: On the slopes or the sea, the sun is doubly treated because it is reflected on the surface of the water or the snow. This is why we should not hesitate to abuse this high close-up broad-spectrum protection whose assets boost the vitality of the cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers. Smooth and supple, the skin maintains its youthfulness under a tan on top.

Plus: A 100% mineral screen that guarantees perfect tolerance.

L’Oreal Paris Sun Cream Aqua Essence UV Protection for Oily Skin:

The base layer of this product is water that is perfect for oily skin while providing you with perfect sun protection. Gentle for the skin and light, this product is also a success for anti-aging revitalization and skin damage.

Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block:

For a daily sunscreen, a SPF50 is a very good candidate. This choice may be the right choice for you during the summer afternoon outings or outings on the ground. The ultra-transparent formulas allow the cream to be easily foldable, so that no sign of excess oil or cakes will appear on your face. 

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