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Nutraceuticals for Men

Nutraceuticals for Men: Classification and Benefits

Men are the bread-earner of the house. They have a lot of responsibilities and cannot afford to get caught by illness. Faulty diet habits and a poor sedentary lifestyle can have adverse effects on their health. You might be thinking that if there are any natural ways to protect yourself from such conditions.

Well! The answer is yes.

There are various nutraceutical for men that prevents the male body from illness and promotes health. The good part is that most of them are obtained from natural products. Want to know more about them? This article will share all the knowledge regarding the nutraceuticals, their classification and benefits for men.

What are nutraceuticals?

Stephen DeFelice introduced the term nutraceuticals in the year 1989. This term has a broad meaning that includes two components i.e. ‘nutrients’ (the nourishing components present in eatables) and ‘pharmaceuticals’ (the medicinal drug).

In short, it is a combination of medicines formed with the goodness of foods and beneficial drugs. Now the question arises – what are their health benefits.

We all are aware that there are various super foods should form part of our diet but most of us fail to do so. These nutraceuticals provide us all those benefits we as humans lack.

Their benefits depend upon the source from which they are obtained. These nutraceuticals are either obtained from natural products or chemical constituents of some products. Based on their origin, they are classified into four categories given as follows: 

a)      Medicinal Foods

b)      Dietary Supplements

c)       Functional Foods

d)      Farmaceuticals

a. Medicinal Foods:

The physician advises medicinal foods as a part of dietary management for a specific disease condition. They help fulfil the nutritional requirements of the patient and shouldn’t be consumed without consulting a physician.  

 b. Dietary Supplements:

Dietary supplements are a good source of nutrients which we are unable to absorb or take through our daily diet. They are available in concentrated form such as powders, capsules, pills, liquids, etc. They can be added to our daily lifestyle and most of them don’t have any harmful effects.

c. Functional foods:

They are considered as whole foods or fortified or enriched foods that have various benefits for health. Beyond their traditional nutrient qualities, they possess some extra health benefits that reduce the risk of chronic diseases and infections.

d. Farmaceuticals:

These are the valuable medicinal components that are divided into a combination of two terms ‘farm’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’. In simple words, Farmaceuticals are genetically modified crops and animals that possess some extra health benefits than the original ones. Researchers resemble farmaceuticals to be the most significant natural and cost-effective way to overcome various diseases. 

Health Benefits of Nutraceuticals for Men

1. Lowers the risks of various diseases

Nutraceuticals involve all the beneficial functional foods that lower the risks of several diseases in men. Foods such as kefir, avocado, kale, salmon, quinoa, garlic, etc provide immunity to fight back illness-causing bacteria and germs. Apart from it, dietary supplements such as fish cod liver oil is a rich source of omega 3 that lowers the risk of heart disease in both men and women. 

2. Fulfill the nutritional requirement

Nutraceuticals are rich in all the essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals. They can be consumed to fulfill our daily dietary requirements and to overcome the deficiencies caused in our body. They are available in pills, powders, and capsules form that are easy to carry and can be consumed without any extra efforts.

3. For the dietary management of specific diseases

Various medicinal foods help in the dietary management of specific disease or illness. Oral Rehydration solutions available in the market can alone help in recovering from the severe condition of diarrhea and dehydration in human beings. Whereas, various nutritionally complete and incomplete formulas are used for enteral and parenteral feeding of patients with severe health conditions.

So, this was all about the classification and health benefits of nutraceuticals for men. They are helpful but shouldn’t be consumed without consulting a doctor or physician.

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