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Features of Black and Decker Microwave Ovens

Like everyone else, you may have grown up with the Black and Decker toaster and convection oven on the counter; and didn’t realize how handy these little appliances were.

But these are not your mother’s old toaster ovens anymore; they are really powerful, easy to use appliances that make your everyday cooking and baking a little easier.

One complaint about countertop convection ovens is the fan noise. In our testing, we found that the fans that kicked on to move the warm air around the oven were audible; but not nearly as loud as a vent fan or our microwave.

And for a small countertop oven, it has ample interior room for a full 9 inch pizza or six muffins; but it is not so big that you lose half of your countertop. It is compact enough to fit in even the tightest of countertop spaces, and with its stainless steel exterior it is right at home with other stainless steel appliances in modern kitchens.

The toasting function works great, especially if you are trying to toast four slices of bread at the same time; and it works equally well on waffles or garlic bread.

And reheating cold pizza is a breeze with this Black & Decker convection oven.

Time Constraints

It takes a little less time than a regular microwave; but unlike the microwave, the pizza comes out crisp and browned rather than soggy like it does in a microwave.

The crumb tray is front accessible, and slides out completely for easy cleaning; and the interior uses a non stick coating so it is very easy to clean as food does not get attached to the interior walls like it does in most microwave ovens.

This Black and Decker Convection Oven is  Not Perfect…

While the positives far outweigh the negatives with the Black & Decker, there are a few design items we found that would probably be easy fixes.

The knob design on the timer is not the most accurate. There is no way to really dial in the precise time as this knob slides into an “approximate” timer setting. A digital timer would be preferable, but then again, this is not a $200 deluxe countertop oven.

And our other complaint is with the actual timer settings on this countertop oven.

They are simply microscopic; and if you have less than perfect vision, reading the timer settings can be a chore.

Even with bright lighting in our kitchen, we found ourselves checking the timer settings three or four times to insure that they were set where we wanted them.

Again, making these settings a little easier to read would have been an easy factory fix; but it is a minor irritant.

Overall, this is a nice, economical, easy to use countertop convection/toaster oven that does a great job for those smaller snacks and foods that are normally a pain to start up the regular oven for.

The Black & Decker does what it’s supposed to do very well; and rolls, cookies, garlic bread, and pizza come out tasting great.

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