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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – A brief Introduction Part1

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BJJ offers you the best martial arts in the world. If you are young, and you use BJJ, you can protect yourself from someone twice your size. There is no disrespect for other karate, or any other martial arts at all. I respect all martial arts. But the green belt on Jiu Jitsu can beat any black belt in other martial arts. BJJ is a form of martial arts that is based on the combination of locks, submissions, joints and grappling, and was created so that the little one could beat the greatest man. 

You do not have to compete to enjoy BJJ. A lot of people are coming because they can be very short and keep moving guys. Be careful not to hurt your friend. 

Advantages of being a brazilian jiu jitsu trainer, they can relieve stress, they can make friends, they can be part of a team. But the main reason I think is that they are learning the best defence in the world.

What I’m going to show you guys now: pull the guard. Okay? There are several ways to draw a guard. There is a way here, traditional, that you go here, and you pull, OK, from here you can go to the biceps, from here you can go to the hook, make changes, From here you can go to the arm bar, from here you can go to XXXx, right? Good.

This is one of the drawbacks. Even if you don’t have the flexibility you can be really good at BJJ. If you are short, you can be really good at BJJ. Because there is a game for each body type. So you are no longer the perfect BJJ body.

Earlier I would say long legs with long arms and good flexibility. But today, it does not matter. There is a game for everyone. I’m taller than a woman, I’m flexible, and I have really strong legs, so that makes me look like a perfect person, which is a low sport. And so I like to play the closed guard, which has strong legs, and I like to play the scissor guard, and make armchairs and triangles, and that’s the only flexibility.

to do all the sweeping and the bars and the triangle and, it requires a lot of flexibility on your hips, I have, That strangling So that kind gives me the benefit of that. Good. Vanessa, pull the guard, and go to your favourite twist. as a woman you are stronger in the lower part of your body than a boy. So it is a better position for a woman to fight. Choking that. If you want to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu in placentia or anywhere from Orange County then visit Carlson Gracie Pacentia, for Carlson Gracie jiu jitsu (bjj training).

Now lets, talk ahead, Get up, bow down. If you are an adult it is easy to sit up and it is easy to do some such things. But when I’m on top of someone they take it away from him and go down where I’m most comfortable. It is difficult for me to stay at the top because I am easy most of the time. You would think I would be in an uncontrollable situation but I am in control of the war.

Every time you go to the podium you bend the mat, because that’s where you train every day, and you shake your friend’s hand. And he says, hey thank you for coming today. And that’s the way we do every time we come here, and every time we go home

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