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camping spots near bangalore

Best Camping Spots Near Bangalore

Camping is a relaxation from our haphazard life schedule. For weekend getaway Bangalore has various locations to spend some time. Silicon Valley is situated there. And there are so many pleasant locations. 

From Bangalore main city there are lots of  Camping spots. Some of them offer trekking, Hikeking, and  Camping accommodation. And there are huts, jungle to pitch personal tents. Here’s some camping spots in Bangalore.

Camping spots in Bangalore


The Manchinbele is one of the popular Camping spots near Bangalore to spend time. There is Manchinbele Lake which is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. The weekend getaway makes you ultimate satisfied. 


From Bangalore main city The Manchinbele is around 40 kilometres away. 

Things to do:

Over the Manchinbele there are lots of things to do. This place is full of activities like paintball, rope course including wild woozy, log swing, multi-vine, horizontal ladder, tightrope walk, and watersports including kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and raft building. 

Camping spots: 

In the Manchinbele there are perfect places to camp like camp Manchinbele and extreme zone gateways.


Ramanagara is another popular place for  Camping, the fantastic site for the cult movie Sholay. In this place the grasslands, barren landscape, and stoney granite outcrops which have made the spot heaven for the visitors. It is a beautiful place for a fun filled night  Camping. 


From Bangalore city, Ramanagara is around 50 kilometers away. 

Things to do:

Over the Ramanagara there are some fun-filled activities to do like zip lining, jumaring, rappelling, archery, kayaking, and paddle boating. 

Camping spot: 

In Ramanagara there are perfect places for camping like Ramanagar adventure camp. 

3.Bananthi Betta:

The Bananthi Betta is situated in the mid way between Konanadoddi and Kyathanahalli. Which is one of the best  Camping spots for trekking and camping near Bangalore. This place is covered with lush green and unknown various flowing downslope. The nourishing and refreshing beauty of this place ensures a peaceful retreat for the visitors. In this hill area the views is panoramic views. 


From Bangalore city Barnanthi Betta is around 55 kilometers away. 

Things to do: 

In Bananthi Betta there are lots of things for activities like balance walk, ladder walk, target shooting, trekking, boating, treasure hunt, and rappelling. 


Kanakapura is situated with its own glory by the spectacular HosaDoddi Lake. This lake  Camping spot of Kankapura gives enchanting and thrilling feelings. This is surrounded by Bananthimari forest and it is an awesome place for relaxing and rejuvenating yourself. 


Kankapura is far from Bangalore city around 63.7 kilometers away. 

Things to do: 

There are lots of activities to do here like acid walk, ice walk, bonfire, tent pitching, zip lining, and boating, kayaking, & coracle riding in the lake. 

5. Savandurga:

The Savandurga is located beside the Ramanagara Magadi road. This spot has picturesque views of Savandurga and is known for granite cliffs and cavin collecting adventures and. This adventure spot is an ideal place to explore some new things for a one day  Camping. 


The Savandurga, from Bangalore city is around 69.4 kilometres away. 

Things to do: 

Over there you can try a lot of activities like rappelling, high-rope traversing, kayaking, night trekking, and climbing up to Kaprigudda & Bili Gudda peaks. 

6. Anthargange:

This is an appreciative spot for caving and night  Camping near Bangalore city. The Anthargange is a part of Shatha Shrunga mountain range comprising rocky spots. Which is well known for trekking and camping. There are a series of rocks to see. 


From Bangalore main city the Anthargange is around 70 kilometres away. 

Things to do:

There are lots of things for activities like night trekking, caving, bonfire, and stargazing at midnight from the peak. 


Nachikuppam is a  quiet site for forest Camping near Bangalore. Over there the local people nestled amid hills of Krishnagar. The all over place looks like a wallpaper with a frame. Over there is a lake. The lake’s views mesmerize you. And offers amazing tent accommodation, kitchen, captivating adventures activities and a lot of things to explore. In this place there is solar energy for the Camping. There is also an ancient temple at the toe of the hill and various mango farms around the site. 


From Bangalore main city the Nachikuppam hill is around 75 kilometres away. 

Things to do: 

Over the hill area there are lots of things to do like trekking, nature walks, bird watching, boating, and barbecue dinner.