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Top 5 Large Dog Breeds in the world

Despite their massive or huge appearance, large dog breeds tend to be calm, affectionate, relaxed, and trustworthy! Due to their strength, these dogs have been extensively used throughout history to guard the territory, protect livestock, and hunt!

In addition to the fact that they will require significantly more space and upkeep than small dog breeds, giant dog breeds can be intimidating.

In this post, we will see Top 5 Large Dog Breeds.

Let’s read together…

Great Dane 


30-32 inches (Male)

28-30 inches (Female)


140-175 pounds (Male)

110-140 pounds (Female)

The Great Dane is a large dog breed from Germany. The Great Dane is a descendant of medieval hunting dogs that were used to protect German nobility and hunt deer and wild boar. He is usually a fast, alert dog who is brave, friendly, and trustworthy. 

Danes are extremely social and affectionate. They are great family pets because they require a lot of affection and socialization with people and other animals. 

Due to their sweet nature, they have been given the moniker “gentle giants.” They are loving, energetic, and loyal dogs. 

The massive head of the Great Dane is narrow and flat on top. The eyebrows stand out. Either the ears are cropped to stand erect or they drop forward.

Cane Corso 


25-27.5 inches (Male)

23.5-26 inches (Female)


110-140 pounds (Male)

90-110 pounds (Female)

The Cane Corso is a type of mastiff that comes from Italy. It is typically kept as a guard or companion dog. He/she can also be used to safeguard animals. 

It was previously used to herd cattle and hunt large animals. Adult Corso has an imposing stature, with a large, square head and deep chest, expressive faces, and a muscular appearance. 

Because they are bred to be protective, Cane Corso can make good family dogs if they are socialized properly. Due to its large size and behavior, the Cane Corso is best suited for families with older children. 

Their gentle demeanor is well-known. Cane Corso is loyal to their owners and excellent companions due to their high intelligence.

Great Pyrenees 


Female: 25 and 29 inches tall

Male: 27 to 32 inches tall


Female: 85 pounds 

Male: Over 100 pounds

The French breed of livestock guardian dog known as the Patou is the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The breed originated on the French side of the Pyrenees Mountains, which divide Spain and France. 

This breed is known for being a serious, calm, and well-mannered dog who is extremely devoted to his family, which includes well-behaved children. 

Although these dogs are typically trustworthy, obedient, and gentle, when the time is right, they will not hesitate to attempt to safeguard their family and territory. The Great Pyrenees is a large, lean dog with double coats. 

The coarse, long, and either straight or slightly wavy outer coat The thick, fine, and supple undercoat Solid white or white with flecks of pale yellow, tan, or gray are the coat colors. The nose is dark blue. The eyes are brown in color.

The Scottish Deerhound 


Male: 30-32 inches

Female: 28-30 inches


Male: 100 pounds 

Female: 80 pounds 

This is a large sighthound breed that was originally developed for coursing red deer hunting. Scottish deerhounds belong to a single family and are very sensitive. They are friendly to strangers but not gregarious. 

This dog is a formidable hunter who is also a trustworthy and gentle companion. They are hopeless as watchdogs or security dogs. It has a rough, wiry coat that is blue-gray to yellow-brown in color. 

The long, slender legs, relatively narrow body, deep chest, tucked abdomen, arched loin, and long tail of the breed are typical of the greyhound family. 

When working with older children, Scottish Deerhounds are excellent, but when outside, consider their size and energy level.



Male: 28 1/2 to 31 1/2 inches 

Female: 25 1/2 to 29 1/2 inches 


Males: 120–170 pounds 

Females: 100–135 pounds

The Leonberger breed resembles a lion. The city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is the origin of the Leonberger dog breed. It is a backcross between a Pyrenean Mountain Dog and a Newfoundland St. Bernard. 

They enjoy being with the whole family and have a gentle nature and calm patience. The Leonberger is a large, powerful dog with a reputation for aristocratic grace and elegance. Leonberger’s are excellent watchdogs. 

A medium-length waterproof coat, luscious triangular ears, a bushy tail, and a black facemask that frames kindly dark-brown eyes are all characteristics of this breed. The lion-like mane that covers the chest and neck of the male is a striking feature of his coat. 

A well-built Leo walks with ease and flexibility. They will bark a warning if they observe anything suspicious because they are protective of their loved ones.

Truly, Largest / Biggest Dog Breeds make wonderful companions. I hope this information will be helpful for you.