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Ceramic Braces Cost

Are you wondering whether how much would the ceramic braces cost? Then hold on, you have arrived here at the right place.

In this article, I’ll talk to you all about ceramic braces, their advantages, disadvantages, cost, and some related faqs on ceramic braces.

So if you want to know more about these amazing ceramic braces, read the article till the end.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are orthodontic tools that help align your teeth without making them even clearly visible to others. They are also called clear braces and clear aligners due to their invisible appearance.

Ceramic braces are made up of a delicate material named polycrystalline alumina which quickly gets blended with the teeth and thus becomes less noticeable. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you to obtain the best orthodontic treatment.

How much do the ceramic braces cost?

The cost of the ceramic braces depends upon several factors like the quality of the braces, the dental clinic, area, etc. However, the cost of ceramic braces in Chennai would be around 35,000-50,000, whereas, in overall India, the cost of ceramic braces may be around 55,000-85,000.

Who are the suitable candidates for ceramic braces?

Suitable candidates for ceramic braces are;

  • It would be best to have a matured jaw for obtaining the ceramic braces treatment.
  • If you are struggling with problems similar to that the metal braces can treat, you would be considered a good candidate for ceramic braces.
  • If you are looking to treat your teeth without being noticed, ceramic braces are the best option.
  • Anything would be an utter waste despite all these unless you have good oral health. So before opting for such orthodontic treatment, remember that you must have good oral health.
  • You shouldn’t use tobacco products if you need ceramic braces to treat your teeth.
  • Apart from all these, the most crucial factor that you must take care of these braces is that you must be dedicated to the treatment and take care of it well, and must follow the instructions provided by the dentist.

So these are some essential traits for well-suited ceramic braces candidates.

What are the bright sides of the ceramic braces?

Some benefits of the ceramic braces are;

Less visible:

Ceramic braces provide the options to choose tooth-coloured ceramic brackets, which makes them less visible than metal braces. Hence the ceramic braces are less visible than the metal braces.

Delicate material:

Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces are made up of delicate material which does not hurt your gums or teeth, and hence they are not hard and don’t hurt your teeth.

Doesn’t affect your teeth enamel:

Ceramic braces are made up of more delicate material, and so they do not tend to hurt the tooth enamel like metal braces as they may tear off the tooth enamel.

Two in one function:

Along with aligning your teeth, they also do not interfere with your aesthetics. So you can look beautiful and wear braces simultaneously as people won’t notice them.

So these were some advantages of the ceramic braces.

List out some side effects of the ceramic braces?

Some possible side effects of the ceramic braces are;

Less Durable:

Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces aren’t made up of hard material. They are made up of fragile material, and hence they may break if more pressure is applied.


Ceramic braces are expensive than traditional braces due to the material they are made up of. Hence traditional braces are more affordable than ceramic braces.

Stains easily:

Many pieces of evidence prove that the ceramic braces easily stain when soaked in solutions like red wine, coffee, and cola. So it may need to avoid some food with ceramic braces, and hence it is one of its disadvantages.

Not suitable:

Not everyone is eligible for the ceramic braces treatment, and it is because it doesn’t treat problems just like the metal braces, and it may treat only fewer problems compared to metal braces. Hence the ceramic braces may not be suitable for some people.

So these were some disadvantages of the ceramic braces.

Try to regard both the benefit and the side effects before opting for the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic braces Cost.

How much time do the ceramic braces take to align your teeth?

Usually, it depends upon the severity of the cases involved. The more severe the issue is, the more time it would take to fix your problem.

However, it may take on an average of 1.5-2 years to treat and align your teeth.

What are the foods that you cannot eat with braces?

With braces, try to avoid these types of braces. They are.

  • Chewy foods.
  • Crunchy foods
  • Sticky foods and
  • Hard foods, etc.

So these are a few types of food that need to be avoided with your braces.

What are the foods that you must avoid with the ceramic braces?

Try to avoid staining foods with ceramic braces.

Foods like dark chocolates, colas, tea, coffee, and tomato are some of the staining foods that you should avoid with the ceramic braces.

I hope that the article on the ceramic braces cost was helpful. If you have any queries or any other suggestions to give, you can ask it below in the comment section.

So see you soon with the following article.

Thank you for reading it till the end.

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