How Much Should You Spend on Facebook’s “Boost Post”?

Facebook has 2.74 million monthly active members, making it the most prevalent networking site. Yet, it might be challenging to pinpoint your target market with a large potential audience. Utilizing the Facebook “Boost Post” button is the fastest way to exponentially expand your reach with only a few clicks and a small expense.

What Is A Boosted Facebook Post?

Facebook boosted posts are a means to increase the visibility of your content by paying Facebook. Businesses can boost practically any form of a post on Facebook, as long as the message adheres to Facebook’s advertising regulations. Posts that have been “Boosted” will show up as “Sponsored” in a user’s News Feed. These promoted posts appear higher in the News Feed, increasing the likelihood of being seen and engaged by a Facebook user.

While those who have “liked” your page can view your postings, they represent a small percentage of your potential clients. Businesses can use promoted posts to reach a broader audience with specific postings. They help your business gain visibility and generate new engagement for Additionally, you can target people based on their region, gender, age, and hobbies.

Why Was Facebook’s Boost Posts Feature Introduced?

In 2012, Fb’s Ad Manager was in its infancy, and most business owners struggled to navigate it. As a result, Facebook introduced a new, simpler way for you to sponsor your content and increase its reach — “Promoted Post.” This feature enables you to establish an advertisement campaign straight from your page without navigating to Facebook’s advertising platform. Later, the term “Promote Post” was changed to “Boost Post.”

Due to the decline in organic reach and engagement rates for brand content and algorithm changes, boosted posts were developed to assist marketers in increasing the number of people who saw their content.


Boosting a Facebook post is straightforward — you’ll need a Fb company page, the availability of the business manager, and a unique post on the page. Additionally, you’ll need an advertising account, as boosted posts demand a budget.

Facebook’s enhanced post functionality:

A Facebook boosted post contains the same functionality as a standard Facebook post, plus a few additional features.

 Boosted post’s content:

Like any other Fb post, your boosted content can consist of an image/ video, text, and a link.

Alternatives for the audience:

You may reach a wider audience than just your followers with a Facebook boost post. Additionally, it enables you to define your audience parameters to target certain individuals.

With a Facebook boost post, you can reach the following audiences:

• Individuals you select through targeting

• Individuals who “like” your page

• Individuals who “like” your friends and your page.

Additionally, boosted posts on Facebook contain a call-to-action button and the option to track the post’s ad analytics.

The Advantages Of Increasing The Reach Of A Facebook Post:

The Boost Post button on Facebook is the quickest and easiest way to increase the visibility of your Facebook posts.

 These are some of the primary benefits of promoting a Facebook post:

  • ü  You can get a larger audience.
  • ü  You can make a simple Facebook advertisement in a matter of minutes.
  • ü  You obtain analytics.
  • ü  You may use Instagram to expand your reach beyond Facebook.

How Much Does Enhancing A Facebook Post Cost?

You have absolute authority over your Facebook advertising budget! Simply input the entire amount you wish to spend, and Facebook will evenly distribute it over the duration you specify.

A boost costs no less than $1 each day in your local currency. However, if you perform a per week boost campaign, the basic cost will be seven dollars.

Is It Worthwhile To Pay For Post Boosts?

The organic reach measure on Facebook is infuriating. Unless you have exceptionally fascinating material, your organic reach will often be a small fraction of your total fan base.

One possibility is to generate more compelling content – but that’s not always practicable or practical. Thus, boosted posts are an easy and cost-effective technique to consistently reach a larger percentage of your audience.

Whether a boost is genuinely beneficial depends on your objectives. If increasing the percentage of your audience that discovers this information increases your organization’s revenue, a bump is certainly worthwhile! As a result, boosting posts on your Fb page that are already engaging or fruitful may be a smart option.

How May A Post’s Impact Be Increased?

Boosting a post is a straightforward process – simply follow these instructions!

  • Visit your Fb page and click the blue “Boost Post” icon to get started. Note: Avoid using text that covers more than 20% of the image, targets the right demographic, and if your money is limited, try boosting only your most engaging articles.
  • After that, decide upon your mission (post engagements, website visits, or messages).
  • Choose the text for your call-to-action button (shop now, book now, learn more, etc.)
  • Following that, either select an audience you’ve previously made and saved or create a new one.
  • Choose whether or not to promote this campaign on Instagram.
  • Finally, establish a budget and time frame.

That’s all! Simply click “Boost” to submit your ad for review. Once your ad has been reviewed – which may take a few minutes to several hours – it’ll instantly begin running.

What’s The Most Suitable Time Of Day To Enhance A Post?

When scheduling your boost, the most crucial thing to remember is to give the post time to get organic momentum in your followers’ Facebook feeds – don’t simply post and boost immediately.

Allowing the post to acquire momentum results in a decrease in the cost of your advertisement. Besides that, the time of day you boost is unimportant – a boost must last at least 24 hours, and Facebook will allocate your funding according to when your audience is most active during the day.

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