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Claiming for Amputations – A Full Guide

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Personal Injury Claims

Amputations can be a nightmare, no one wants to go through the trauma of getting a limb removed through surgery. It can change your mindset and transform your day-to-day life. And it’s even worse when it has to be removed due to an accident or an event that was someone else’s fault. But if that circumstance did occur, then you are entitled to claim compensation for such an event. The amount of compensation that you can claim for depends upon various factors such as:

  1. The extent of the amputation
  2. The extent of the pain suffered
  3. The extent of financial loss that you went through
  4.  The kind of mental stress that you suffered due to theloss of a limb.

If claimed smartly, the compensation can be a huge amount. 

So, let’s take a look into how to make a proper claim for amputation. 

You might wonder just exactly how much you can get for amputation but there is no accurate answer to that, as it depends on many factors, such as the ones we already listed, and other legal factors. If you want a full and in-depth consultation, then we recommend getting in touch with Wallace Legal; we are the best solicitors in Edinburgh and can help you understand the terms of your claim.

So, these kinds of amputations are what you can claim for:

  1. Loss of finger(s) or thumb(s)
  2. Loss of foot/feet
  3. Loss of leg(s)
  4. Loss of arm(s)
  5. Any combination of these

Your amputation extent will allow your solicitor to get an idea of how much you should be claiming for. This estimate will factor in all the pain and mental trauma that you suffered. It will also include any and all costs, medical or otherwise, that you had to suffer related to your amputation and its treatment. This estimate will also include future treatment costs that might come your way as a result of your amputation. And the biggest factor is how your life will be transformed as a result of this amputation.

This transformation to your life and the costs to adjust to this transformation will be the second biggest factor in your case. And this will all help the solicitor. There is never a decided amount set for a certain kind of amputation that is why you will need a solicitor to look at the facts of the case and determine an estimate.

As for compensations themselves, they can, if severe enough, go into the range of millions of pounds. But that kind of claim is very rare. The more realistic settlement amount ranges from £30,000 to £150,000 for moderately severe claims. While the amputation circumstances that are highly severe can take the claim amounts up to £250,000. And that is without the expenses and financial losses factored in. Moderate claims can go up to £500,000, while the most severe claims can see that figure go over £1Million.

But severe amputation claims are rare and are only classed as cases where the victim has lost both upper limbs and lower limbs. Maybe even more.

But there are also other factors, let’s take a look:

Severity of Pain

Amputation claims inherently get more money than other Personal Injury Claims, and that is due to the personal nature of amputation claims. The pain suffered during the injury that led to getting an amputation and the pain suffered after getting an amputation are both huge factors. Neuropathic pain and even psychosomatic (phantom) pain are taken into account. 

Quality of Life

The loss of a limb or limbs can drastically change the way you live and work. The physical handicap alone can affect your mental state. And the hurt you might suffer to your quality of life is considered important too – your routine, your habits, your life, all that is heavily affected and taken into account.

Financial Damage

If you lose a limb or limbs, then it can hinder your ability to work. And in some circumstances, it can render you unable to work or even do basic work from home. This huge hindrance to your financial situation is taken into account too when considering the compensation. And it is labelled as Special Damages.


Amputations can change a person’s life, their mindset and the way they work. And if it is due to the negligence or fault of someone else, then you are eligible to file an amputation injury claim. So, if you are looking to do just that, then contact Wallace Legal today! Wallace Legal has the best claims lawyers in Edinburgh who will guide you through this challenging situation and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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