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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding an Essay

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Beginners who think making essay structure is a cakewalk might face various questions regarding their assignment later. If you are naïve in essay writing, you must go through this article. Here we have discussed the most important questions and answers series asked by new learners. You will get expert advice along with every question.       

  1. What are the main elements of an essay?

The main parts of an essay are Introduction, body content, and conclusion. It is the basic essay structure for beginners. Five paragraphs are the ideal structure for a short essay. Though your essay structure entirely depends on your guideline, you must include these three parts,   

  • What are the seven critical elements of a lengthy essay structure? 

    If you get a lengthy essay writing assignment with guidelines, you must include seven points. 


The introduction part is the initial guideline for all readers. It should be sharp, relevant, and engaging. You can start with an appropriate quote, shocking survey report, or any surprising statement. You can also mention the overview of your essay in your introduction.  

Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement is one of the vital parts of essay writing. Students must include a relevant statement in the body paragraphs and explain it under the same paragraph. That’s how the thesis statement should be mentioned.  


The body content should consist of at least three paragraphs, and each section should convey one thesis statement or point. Teachers especially look forward to the body content because it is the place where it shows your research  


Transitions can be your trump card while writing an essay. If you want to impress your teacher, you should keep it in mind. It is nothing but some phrases that connect each pointer and make a link. It helps you to retain the writing flow.   


Many students don’t even bother to compose a compact conclusion and ignore this part. But, many smart teachers read your essay to the end and mark your last effort. So, be careful while writing your essay conclusion. 


Many essay guidelines demand citations or referencing points along with your paper.    

  • What are the research sources for essay writing? 

 Many students can’t request or ask for help “Please do my essay” to their peers. After understanding the basic structure, students keep looking for the correct information and sources to get the proper reports, data, and images. The best source is your school or college library. You can search for the latest journals, articles, and reference books over there. You can also go for online research but be careful about the authenticity of the links or sites. 

  • What is the importance of proofreading or editing your essay?
  • Students ask their friends to “rewrite my essay,” but the result is not fruitful enough. You must take help from a professional proofreader who will deduct all the minor grammatical error and edit it in their skill.
  • You can also break down your essay for proofreading and edit it partially. After finishing your essay writing, take time to make sure you have a fresh mind while editing your essay.
  • Your final draft may have full of jargon, spelling mistakes, irrelevant points, and unassembled structure. The editing part will enhance your essay and give it a professional touch.
  • Take help from online proofreading software or tools like Grammarly to remove all the grammar or punctuation mistakes        

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