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guide for Colonoscopy

A complete guide for Colonoscopy

Are you researching colon cancer and the procedure to detect it? Well, then you are at the right place because here you will get answers to probably all your doubts and queries related to colon cancer and colonoscopy. 

To begin with, we shall first tell you about what is colon cancer? Colon cancer is the development of a tumor in the walls of the large intestine. If detected at a very later stage,this tumor being cancerous can lead to the dead of a person. Since, large intestine has a significant role to play in the digestion process, it becomes all the more important to have a healthy and tumor free large intestine. In order to know about the presence of this tumor in the walls of the large intestine, a person is required to undergo colonoscopy. 

Colonoscopy is the process of examining the walls of the large intestine by viewing it with the help of a camera. A flexible tube has a small camera attached on its edge, this camera is then used to detect polyps on the walls of the intestine. Usually, minor polyps are removed while conducting the colonoscopy, and the major one are then treated by some different process. 

The reason why it is important to remove these polyps is that these polyps:

  • Can be cancerous.
  • Cause rectal bleeding.
  • Cause abdominal pain.
  • Lead to problems in the excretion process.
  • Cause issue in nutrition absorption.

Now, all these above stated things are serious issues, which if not resolved on time can cause serious health problems, sometimes claiming the lives of the sufferers.

For the people who are thinking of undergoing colonoscopy, certain knowledge is essential. These are:

  • A day before going for colonoscopy, the patient has to strictly follow some diet restrictions. 
  • The time taken to conduct a colonoscopy varies between 2-4 hours. But since the patients are given sedatives before the process, they might take a little longer to get back into their conscious self. So, you might have to take a leave from work or would have to schedule the appointment for colonoscopy on a holiday.
  • Some patients fear that colonoscopy would be a painful process, but that is not the case, which means that it could be a little discomforting but because of the sedatives there is a very small chance that you would feel the pain.
  • Generally, the patients undergoing colonoscopy can take approximately 24 hours to get  back to their normal schedules, but this is not applicable universally. The time taken to recover from colonoscopy varies for every individual, but it generally doesn’t take more than 48 hours to recover from it.

All this was some common information for the people thinking to go for colonoscopy. But the main question still stands, that is, which doctor to visit for colonoscopy? We would not recommend names of the doctors here, but would surely suggest that the doctor you choose should be knowledgeable. He should be experienced and should be careful. It is very important that you are comfortable with your doctor, so that you are able to clarify your doubts without any hesitation. Basically, a doctor who is more like a friend should be your go to person.

For the people in and around Los Angeles, we can tell you about one of the gastroenterologists. Los Angeles Colonoscopy Doctor, Dr. Berookim is the man who you should meet at least once before making any decision about going for colonoscopy. His knowledge, experience and careful nature is easily reflected in the way he meets his patients. Once, you meet him then you would get a clearer view of what you should do and how you should do it. 

We hope that all your doubts would have vanished by now, but in case you have any other queries even now then we are just a call away. So take your time and make up your mind to say hello to good health.

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