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Gastric Balloon Treatment

Why To Avail of Gastric Balloon Treatment


Gastric balloon is a non-surgical method that uses balloons to temporarily engage space in the stomach. This triggers feelings of fullness so; you eat fewer and can lose a considerable amount of weight with ease. It is marketed to recommend weight loss 


The Los Angeles gastric balloon method begins with a thorough gracious consultation. During that meeting, while trying to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. From there onwards, the patient will get exhaustive personalized counseling for diet, lifestyle changes, and health-related pieces of stuff, to be double-sure of success post-surgery. These meetings with your doctor hold of paramount importance because this helps you get ready emotionally, physically, and emotionally. You will learn about all the risks and benefits of this procedure, as well as other treatment alternatives. The genuine placement of the balloon will depend on the type of balloon you prefer: Orbera or Obalon. 

If you prefer Orbera, Dr will administer a mild sedative to ensure your comfort and safety. From there, he’ll place a thin and deflated balloon in the stomach through the mouth. He will then fill the balloon with saline until it’s the size of a grapefruit (~600cc).

The Obalon balloon is much lighter than the Orbera balloon (only 250cc), requiring three sum balloons sited throughout numerous weeks. The Obalon balloon is strongly packed in a pill-sized capsule and is then swallowed. Doctor. will use an x-ray is used to make sure the balloon has been appropriately placed. After that, Dr will inflate the balloon with gas through a catheter.

Either balloon will occupy space in the stomach, so; it’s easier for you to control your portions over time. Just the once the balloon has been placed, you will go back home the same day to begin the weight loss journey.

Types of Gastric Balloons

A highly customizable method, there are a number of specialized gastric balloons you can prefer from. They include:


Approximately for over 20 years, Orbera is the top gastric balloon in the world. As such, it’s the one Dr uses generally often. It’s safe, effective and FDA-approved, and it helps the standard person lose three times more weight than diet and exercise alone.


To consign an Obalon balloon, patients consume a capsule containing a balloon that is attached to a thin tube. The balloon is then inflated and the tube is removed. Obalon is only 250cc’s and thus requires 3 balloons.


Reshape makes use of dual balloon technology. It involves placing two connected, medical-grade and saline-filled balloons inside stomach for a period of six months. The main benefit is that they take up more liberty in stomach because they are larger than a single balloon.


The Ellipse balloon is the world’s first swallowed and excreted gastric balloon. Patients swallow the balloon throughout an office visit, and pass it into the toilet months later. However, it is important to note that the Ellipse is not yet FDA approved.

Life after the Placement of Gastric Balloon

In the ensuing months, you should avail of ongoing diet and exercise counseling. This counseling will keep you motivated, provide you with guidance, and help you work through any barriers so you can accomplish your weight loss goals.

After six months of counseling and therapy to modify eating habits, and after having achieved significant weight loss, the Orbera or Obalon balloons will be removed from the stomach endoscopically. Dr will administer a mild sedative, deflate the balloon, and remove it from your stomach. After that, you will continue with the exercise and diet plan learned throughout the treatment, so your weight loss continues to progress. There are the best one of the top surgeons for Gastric Balloon in Los Angeles. 

Benefits of the gastric balloon

No Incisions

Because the balloon is inserted through the esophagus into the stomach, this is a completely non-surgical option for our patients. As such, once the anesthetic wears off, the recovery is virtually immediate because no incisions have to heal.


The standard gastric balloon method only takes between twenty to thirty minutes.


One of the main benefits of a gastric balloon is that it is completely temporary. The balloon only stays in the stomach for a six-month period, at which point it will be removed.

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