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Guide to Trending Products for Sale

To succeed in the world of e-commerce, you need 3 ingredients: profitable products that generate excitement, the skills to promote them, and the will to succeed. The winning mind, you already have it. You are constantly learning, improving your skills, and preparing yourself for success. But finding products to sell online shopping KSA is always a big challenge. That’s why we update this list every year to help you discover new ideas for innovative products.

We present to you below a list that brings together the 12 trending products of 2020 , which could easily turn into new business ideas, or which could very well sell in an existing e-commerce site depending on the niche where you operate. . Since each hot product we share is aimed at a different audience, we also share niche-specific tips to help you reach new prospects.

The trending products on this list have some of the highest transaction and order volumes on Oberlo and AliExpress. As soon as you find a product that piques your interest, know that you can add it to your Shopify online store with just a few clicks.

 1. Pet beds

 Looking for a trendy product that pet owners would buy with their eyes closed? This kind of pet bed has made its way to the top of the sales charts. According to Google Trends, the keyword for this product (“dog bed” in English) has seen strong search volume growth, recording in the English-speaking market more than 234,000 searches per month. In the same vein, the keyword relating to the “cat bed” also arouses a considerable volume of interest, with 60,500 monthly searches.

If you run an online pet store, you can promote and sell this original product on visual platforms like Interest and Instagram. On Pinterest, you can join collaborative boards that would allow you to promote this trending article to a larger audience. On Instagram, you can collaborate with community pages related to pets so that you can be mentioned in a post or story. By following the latter strategy, your product could be discovered by a much larger audience, especially if you are just starting out.

2. Covers and slipcovers for sofa and sofa

 These kind of convenient products are very popular among parents and pet owners, as well as among owners who rent on platforms like AirBnB. For guests, sofa covers and covers help ensure a high standard of cleanliness for all guests, and it is always easier and cheaper to replace a cover than an entire sofa!

Not only is Google Trends showing a noticeable increase in searches for these products that are selling well in drop shipping and online, but Statistic also estimates that the sofa and armchair market will see an increase in business volume in 2020. Data from Statistic also show that the market will continue to grow until 2023, making covers and covers for sofas and sofas a trending product that will sell very well at least in the next 3-4 years.

For your marketing efforts to audiences made up of parents or pet owners, Facebook and Google will often prove to be the channels with the greatest reach. But if your strategy is to target hosts who rent out their property or real estate, you should integrate relocation into your acquisition strategy. For example, rentals in cities in the Paris region, seaside towns, or even student towns are in high demand, which could guide you in creating personalized audiences on Facebook and other platforms if you are looking to target active hosts on AirBnB.

3. Minimalist jewelry

 More and more people are looking for sophistication in their daily life. As a result, minimalist jewelry recorded strong sales growth in the jewelry market. We even see on Google Trends that consumer searches for this type of trendy jewelry have increased and have become more frequent. But despite an annual growth of 2% expected until 2023 for the jewelry market, an overall decrease in the number of jewelry stores has been recorded in recent years. Since demand exists and competition eases, selling minimalist jewelry online could prove to be a profitable project idea for an entrepreneur looking to start a business or add a trending project to their already established business activities.

 To promote current trending products like the minimalist necklace shown in the image above (and available on Oberlo), the best customer acquisition channels will typically be Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. An easy way to add weight to your store’s presence is to create videos that showcase your products. As videos tend to take up more space in the Find and Explore sections of Instagram, your posts will benefit from more visibility. Also, knowing that most jewelry retailers limit themselves to posting product images, you will gain a major competitive advantage if you put in a bit of effort to create videos.

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