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Benefits of A Microsoft Power Bi Implementation

To those still unfamiliar with the Microsoft Power Bi, it is a business analytics solution designed by Microsoft to help end users visualize data, create stunning dashboards and embed them in any application. Microsoft Power Bi can also be used on cloud, which means that end users do not have incur costs or spend anything on infrastructure support. Neither is Microsoft Power Bi bound by any kind of legacy software constraints. Also, it enables end users to create reports and dashboards by themselves, with zero dependency on database administrators or any information technology team.

Given below are some benefits of getting a Microsoft Power Bi Implementation done. These have been suggested by every second Microsoft Power Bi Expert and their efficacy goes unquestioned. These benefits cover every aspect of Power Bi, such as Power Bi Services, Power Bi Analytics, power Bi Dashboards and Visualizations etc.

Transforming Businesses

Only a Microsoft Power Bi Expert can engineer a Microsoft Power Bi Implementation for you in such a way that you get to make the most of the features available. For example, Query Editor, one of the most effective features of Power Bi Desktop, facilitates incredible transformations such as changing data types, adding new columns, splitting and merging and adding queries. This helps in effective formatting and visualizing reports.

Being Interactive

Interactive reports are possible to retrieve through the Power Bi once multiple visualizations have been added to the same. Changing outputs in visualizations are possible when the end user simply clicks on a bar placed on a bar chart. Values of location charts, lists and KPIs can be viewed by simply choosing a location in map visuals itself. Once the filter option in Power Bi has been turned off, all filtered-based options within the chart become inaccessible. Thus, it can safely be said that the power Bi offers clarity and enhancement in structure unlike any other solution, helping put report in action by reducing the time frame to create and analyze them.

Advanced Features

Power Bi uses a formula language known as data analysis expression (DAX). Its functionality is very similar to Microsoft Excel, and it also eliminates the complications that come with Excel reports. DAX helps create one’s own metrics in Power Bi such as monthly growth, YTD, percentage difference etc.

Retrieve Information

By getting a comprehensive Microsoft Power Bi Implementation done from a renowned Microsoft Power Bi Expert, end users become able to extract hidden information. Power Bi has an “Insight” option that helps check on hidden information on one’s data, where multiple charts prop up within charts with the potential to provide stronger metrics. The visualization can be pinned to one’s dashboard in order to revisit these insights. It becomes easy to identify if extra revenue is generated, in addition to identifying trends and cost savings.

Store Extensively

Power Bi makes it possible to load and transform millions of data sources in a very short span of time. It also makes it possible to compress files without compromising on quality and performance. So, if the storage capacity of the files if 450 MB, Power Bi makes it possible to reduce the size to 50 MB once the files are uploaded on it. Thus, it becomes clear that extensive data storage becomes very easy when done on Power Bi. Rather than having millions of data sources in the form of excel sheets, it is better to view a compressed form of it on Power Bi.


These benefits of Microsoft Power Bi make it a very useful solution in every way and working on it can help increase productivity manifold besides helping additional revenue as well.

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