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A Comprehensive Synopsis About Implant-Supported Dentures

Losing a natural tooth triggers a series of subsequent issues such as lack of self-esteem, improper articulation, and unappealing appearance. Individuals experiencing these conditions encounter physical & mental difficulties. Dentures are a possible solution, but it also has some negative factors. However, recent breakthroughs in medical science have created an innovative cure for such problems. An implant-supported denture is a replacement attached & sustained by a graft to restore lost functions. It has special attachments for more stability to support upper & lower jaw movements. This contrivance can be utilized when a jaw has adequate bone to assist prosthesis.


Definite Cure

Just like a regular replacement, it is also employed to substitute a natural tooth for better function & appearance. It should be cleaned daily to avoid any abrasion, and it is easily removable. Patients can also prefer permanent fixtures based on their suitability. It comes in two variants such as ball retained & bar-retained. 

Based on a jaw’s strength, both are interchangeably employed. The ball method utilizes two anchor points in which a replacement is attached. The bar uses a custom retention clips to allow for movement when biting, but it is still removable. Port St. Lucie dental implants offer better shifting while chewing in most cases.

Process Abstract 

A prosthodontist expert conducts a preliminary examination to review medical history & bone density. This process then proceeds to take a digital impression & radiograph of the mouth for creating a model. The duration of the surgery is influenced by many factors, but it takes about one or two months to complete.

The model is utilized in the fabrication process. Port St. Lucie dentures are manufactured using an acrylic base for better muscle manipulation, and retainers are formed titanium metal to accelerate fusion. The success rate of this procedure is very high as the materials & methods employed are effective.

Such treatment is carried out in two surgeries. The first one involves making an incision to expose a root socket; a miniature drill machine is used to make a hole in which an attachment is placed. The cut is then stitched & sealed. The dentist allows a period called osseointegration to promote fusion; this usually takes four to five months of healing. During that time, induced pressure on the seal is strictly restricted as it can affect a fuse.


The second surgery is scheduled after proper healing is achieved. Some top caps are attached to guide the tissue growth away from a post. It is replaced by an abutment based on ten days. A digital impression of the mouth is taken to manufacture a denture framework and once produced; bar or ball attachments are applied to set the complete graft.

Positive Impacts

The implant-supported denture can be removed during sleeping or cleaning. A dentist will suggest utilizing a specialized dentifrice to remove any abrasion. It looks and feels like natural teeth, hence a person can perform regular activities like brushing & eating without any problems. Due to the presence of multiple anchors, it provides movements during such activities.

Having no tooth arrangement can significantly decrease a person’s confidence. They exhibit a lack of interest in smiling or social confrontation. Having this contrivance enables an individual to smile naturally.

Edentulism triggers a further bone loss in arrangements. Having a replacement can prevent these issues and could provide improved appearance & functions. 

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