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Warehouse Picking Technology

Conventional Types of Warehouse Picking Technology

A warehouse order picking technology refers to the technical tools which are used to pick orders. These systems help fulfill warehouse activities in an efficient manner. By minimizing picking errors and improving order processing, chances are more to have a well-organized warehouse. 

These order picking technologies include pick to light, put wall, voice picking, goods to person, put to light and radio frequency handheld scanners etc. If you would like to have an insight about them, this blog post is for you. 

Goods to Person

Commonly, the widely-known order picking method is person to goods. For decades, this practice has been common. The worker collects the goods from the pickstations. But now with the revolution in technology, automated systems have reduced manual work like ConveyX.  

As of today, there are goods to personal systems making a buzz. Workers just need to stay at the workstations and they will receive goods at that place. Such automated picking systems include sortation conveyors, carousel systems, robots etc. 

Voice Picking

Voice picking is a paperless & hands-free system through which the user gets instructions for picking products. Also called as voice-directed warehousing (VDW), tasks become easier for employees to pick by voice. Normally, inaccurate order picking instances frequently occur which results in wrong order delivery. 

But with incorporation of voice picking methods, both order accuracy and efficiency are possible. In your warehouse or at the distribution centre, this system is beneficial to guide and confirm the workers about their tasks.  

Pick to light

Pick to light is one of the other highly-adopted picking systems. This system is fast enough to provide items from warehouse shelves to employees with the help of lights. There is no need to have a list to collect the items. 

In the light-based picking technology system, there are LED lights of various colors which makes possible swift inventory collection. When compared with other picking tools, this system just utilizes letters, numbers and lighting to pick the items. 

Put to light

Put to light technology is also renowned by the name of scan and sort technology. This method helps in dividing large amounts of products into solo orders by using light devices. There are items in containers which come to put in a light packing area. 

Workers scan the code and place lights at the locations. The workers confirm the order by pressing the lights and put the order by repeating the process again. 

Put wall

A put wall refers to a number of cubbies which are like cabinets and are utilized to manage several orders. These compartments have operators on one hand who place the products in the cabinets. This paperless procedure also can take place in a small footprint. 

If you have to simplify your order picking procedure then it is your go to system. This is a goods-to-person tool which you can use to improve supply chain activities. Say no to manual order picking methods and adopt such latest picking systems.   

Handheld RF Scanners

A handheld device, commonly known as scanners used by workers are used to scan the barcodes and the labels. And there are RF scanners at terminals to help workers in order fulfillment procedures. 

Utilize this device to guide workers for the accurate pick location and details about the order. Also, these tools are wearable and reduce the chances of errors. 

In Summary

Automating warehouse picking technology is making a buzz all around. To optimize the warehouse activities and upgrade them, adopt these types of warehouse picking technologies. Move to MWI Solutions to have this technology according to your warehouse requirements. Get the most out of them and upscale the order fulfillment process and achieve customer satisfaction. 

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