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The Criteria of the Best Water Filter

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As the technology has advanced there has been a significant change in the quality of water filters. Currently, the available water filters are much more developed than the previous day’s water filters. This has brought a change in the water filter price in Bangladesh as well. However, the quality may vary according to price. The best water filters have some common criteria. These criteria are the core of any good water filter. Upon seeing these criteria, you can buy the water filters. Otherwise, you may buy a bad quality water filter that may not provide you with poor service. In today’s article, I will describe in detail the criteria that make a water filter best the duty.


One of the common criteria of a good water filter is that it always checks the quality of water. Every now and then it gives feedback on water quality. A good water filter will be able to check the tap water. Also, figure out the accurate information of TDS (Total dissolved solids) in water. The water filter finds out if the TDS level is below 500 ppm or beyond 1000 ppm. If it crosses 1000 then it is unhealthy. Below 500 ppm is drinkable. Besides that, you will get regular check-up updates on water particles, parasites, and other harmful elements.


Water purification technology is a crucial factor when it comes to water filtration. Obviously, the high-quality water filters will use the latest technology for purifying water. You have to know the water filter price in bd. Because you may have to spend more money on it. The better technology the more cost. The latest technology in this field is known as reverse osmosis. This technology helps water filter to clean the maximum number of particles, dirt, and substances.


Well, capacity may vary according to your need and price. However, a good water filter comes up with several storage capacities. You just need to analyze the need for clean water in your family.

Safety Features

Safe features vary from brand to brand. But the thing that is a common criterion among all the high-quality water filters is extra safety features. Many water filters come up with different types of safety features. But most of them do not work well. Good water filters will have features but these will be fully functional.

No matter how good your water filter is, to get the best service you have to change them from time to. As an extra safety feature, some water filter gives alert when you have to change it. So that you don’t have to drink unhealthy water.

Service & maintenance

A good brand of water filter always supports the customers. Their first priority is customers. So, when you see that the company is taking care of the customers in terms of providing the best services you can be sure of one thing. That is the quality of the brand. High-quality water filter brands provide after-sales services. They will provide maintenance services to the customers. When you go for a water filter see if they are providing these or not. It is a sign of a good water filter that they will have other services with it.

Fluoride Levels

The fluoride level in water may cause damage to health. The fluoride level of the water should be 0.7 milligrams per liter. If it exceeds this level, that will harm the dental condition of human beings. World health organization (WHO) recommends a certain level of fluoride in water. The best water filter companies around the world follow the instruction given by WHO. That’s why the water purification process is highly applaudable and healthy for our bodies.

High-quality Water Department

To purify water, the water filter has two spaces inside the machine. One is to keep the water and another is to purification functions. After purifying the water, it keeps the water in the water department. Water remains there until we drink it. As the water remains there, the water department has to be highly qualified. Otherwise, that purified water will get polluted.

Water Purification Unit

Space, where the water purification process goes on, is water filter is known as water purification. This unit the quality water filter provides high-quality service. It is durable and functional. It works perfectly to remove particles, and parasites from water.

After pretreatment, substance treatment and refinement can happen. That cycle incorporates coagulation, a stage where synthetic substances are added that cause little particles suspended in the water to bunch together. Flocculation follows, which blends the water in with huge oars so that coagulated particles can be united into bigger bunches (or “floc”) that gradually choose the lower part of the tank or bowl.


A good water filter will not only provide high-quality services but also provides convenience. That means you can buy that at a reasonable price. Because they want to reach as many people as they can. While doing this, they have to keep the price low and keep providing top-notch services.

Final Talk To wrap it up, I would say, high-quality water filters provide more or less almost the same services. The main criteria are to purify water, keep water healthy, and remove hardness, parasites, bacteria, and viruses from water. The best water filters will do the job per

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