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Which Plugins Are Mandatory for Custom WordPress Development Services?

Being the most outstanding and flexible content management system, WordPress has become the foremost choice of developers and even the business owners to launch their online websites on.

The reason why WordPress is most popular and easy to use CMS is the plugins that comes within. The WordPress plugins can widely enhance the structure and functionality of any website in many aspects like – how well the website can rank in search engines, how better its visibility in Google can go, how well it can generate and retain inbound traffic, how fast it can load and how seamlessly it converts.

So, Plugins truly play a crucial part in any custom WordPress Development Services. To know more about these plugins, please read the blog.

List of Top Plugins that Ease Up the WordPress Development Services

If you wish to promote your business in USA, the best start would be to hire a WordPress Development Company in USA and take their help in launching & growing your business online. Below we have come up with the list of Plugins that you can ask your WordPress Development Company to incorporate in the website for smooth functioning.

1. Akismet

It is an advanced anti-spam plugin guarding your website’s backend through analyzing and processing data from millions of websites in the real time. This plugin will save your website from ugly spamming activities by hackers and spammers.

2. Back Up WordPress

This plugin allows you to save the backup of the entire database of the website including important files, blogs and media.

The plugin is compatible to Windows & Linux both operating systems and work smoothly on PHP version 5.3.2 or newer. The most useful thing about this plugin is that it can work with low memory also.

3. All in One SEO

If you’re planning to take your business online, you can’t miss on this deal. All in One SEO can help you boost your website’s SEO by acquiring a higher search ranking for blogs and web pages.

It helps you SEO optimize your blogs and website posts so the search engines can quickly track them and rank at higher positions. By using this tool, you can also improve the negatives and positives facts of on-page SEO associated with your website.

4. Google Analytics by Yoast

This WordPress plugin allows the WordPress Development Companies to easily track the number of visitors to your website and how they behave on pages.

This can help you getting the right insights of how your website is performing in terms of keyword rankings, user engagement, traffic and conversions.

5. Bulletproof Security

This plugin protects your website from malware attacks, phishing activities and hacking attempts.

The Base64, Code Injection, XSS, RFI, CSRF, SQL injection, and CRLF and many other threats can ruin your brand’s position, harm your authority and destroy your complete business. To keep your website secured and protected from thesebugs and threats, the Bulletproof Security plugin works as an asset.

If you’re looking for a WordPress Development Company in USA who can help you powering up your business with the help of outstanding features and plugins of WordPress, then contact Vega Technologies.

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