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Top 3 Cost Saving Decoration Designs in Malaysia

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Top 3 Cost Saving Decoration Designs in Malaysia

Many people tend to pursue visual beauty and style when they come across home renovation. Meanwhile, they have ignored the important consideration which is the flexibility and practicality of space, electrical appliances and furniture. Hence, they need to spend a lot of money to redecorate in the future. Stay with us now as this article is to teach you how to avoid these mistakes, as well as to introduce you some useful online lifestyle tips to long-term savings and worry-free decoration techniques.

Practice The Usage of Natural Ventilation into Your Design

Why do we do so? This is to reduce dependence on air-conditioning. Natural lighting and ventilation are elements that many people want to add to their homes. This not only can save a lot of energy, save cost in your electric bill, but also create a comfortable living environment. If your bathroom or kitchen does not have a window, you can install an exhaust fan to help drive away moisture in the room. 

Otherwise, these places may grow mold due to too high humidity. In addition, you can open up the walls in the room, or change the position of the doors and windows in the house to improve ventilation. This not only makes your space feel more spacious, but it also allows for air circulation. In addition, it helps to lower the indoor temperature by bringing in fresh air.

Use Energy-Saving Appliances

After buying a house, there are still a lot of expenses waiting for you to pay, such as management fees, utilities, land tax, unit tax, house tax and more. If you want to save money in order to reduce your financial burden and expenses, it is a smart choice to choose energy-saving appliances. Not only financially, but also able to enhance your lifestyle

Although many energy-saving appliances with 4 and 5 stars are more expensive, they can bring you excellent power-saving effects and your monthly electricity bill. The most commonly used appliances in our house, including air-conditioners, ceiling fans, water heaters, stoves and refrigerators, and more. Sometimes we even turn on 24 hours a day. Be a wise consumer and choose the one which can be beneficial to you in the long term.

Purchase Water-Saving Design 

Another thing that can help you save money in the long term is water-saving devices, such as low water consumption toilets, shower heads, faucets, and double flush buttons. You may be suspicious of the cleaning effect of a toilet with low water consumption, but don’t worry, because this type of toilet actually uses gravity or pressure assist technology to reduce the water flushing volume of the toilet. This is different from the traditional toilet, but the cleaning effect is not inferior at all.

Another popular water-saving device is the double flush button. One of the buttons is for less flushing volume, and the other is for more flushing volume, allowing you to choose according to the situation. For bathing, you can choose a shower with a lower spray volume, such as aerating showerhead or laminar-flow showerhead.


You can choose any interior design theme you like, such as Nordic style, minimalism, industrial style or Japanese style. This is a process of turning a house into your home. Although this process is very exciting, don’t go too far in pursuit of a beautiful appearance and neglect basic living needs and residential functions, otherwise you may have to spend extra money on repairs, restoration or redecorating. Best to keep in mind these top 5 decoration techniques that can help you save unnecessary expenses in the future.

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