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Five skincare routine during summer

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Five skincare routine during summer


Taking care of the skin is a good habit. But regularly taking care of my skin is a bit of a hectic job. But to save your skin from sunburn in summer, you have to take care of your face, hands, legs, and neck areas. Summer sun rays are very rough that helps your skin to grow melanin on your skin. 

You have to prevent your skin from looking fair and glowing. So, prepare a skincare routine. According to that, every day, men and women both will take care of their health.

Who has oily skin, sometimes in summer, they get acne on the body and face? Yes, you can control it by using natural remedies as well. 

Follow Your Skincare routine for Summer.

On summer days, men and women both use sunscreen on the face and sometimes on the body. But to see, Sunscreen needs thirty minutes to work properly. If you use it just before getting out of the house, your skit will fill with patches and marks. 

Another problem that happens to the skin is that mid-day sun has Ultra Violet Rays that badly affect the skin. That is why Norwegian people have skin cancer from the UV rays. Let’s follow the skincare routine to prevent skin from mischievous sunrays. 

Morning Skincare 

After waking up in the morning, your skin releases some oils that are good in reality. At that time, the skin remains fresh and healthy. So, you will first wash your face with a bit of warm water. In doing so, the pores of the face remain clear. 

Then remove water from your face using a towel. Sometimes, blackheads and whiteheads naturally come out from the nose area. If you have to go out, then don’t use moisturizer. Meanwhile, you can use day cream.

One another option is sunscreen. Put on your face, neck, and hands before thirty minutes of getting out of the house. If you follow like this, then your skin stays safe. Also, can put DTH cream on your face. Cover the face and body with a scarf; then, sun rays cannot harm your skin. Add the skincare routine to your schedule.

Night Skin Care Routine

After completing your dinner, give some time to your skin. So, it can stay healthy and glowing. Before sleeping, taking care of the skin is the best habit. First, you need to wash your face along with face wash. Face wash removes the specks of dust that you received in the day. 

Then use a scrubber; the scrubber has very pinch fruit grains that look like dust. After putting this on the face, you have to rub the face. Use body scrubbers as well to make the body skin fresh. Scrubber help to reduce specks of dirt from the skin. That is why after scrubbing, skin feels whitened.

After completing the cleansing process, put a night cream or a moisturizer. After putting moisturizer on the skin, the open pores will be back to their previous stage. The whole process is necessary to make your skin a new fragment and glow. 

Home Remedies for Skin Care

Many people do not want to use chemical products in their bodies. For them using home ingredients are best for the skincare routine. You have to follow the same process to clean your skin. First, you have to face wash.

Here you can use tomatoes to clean your face. First, put a layer of tomato on the front, hands, legs, and neck. After that, your face and body will stay clean. Then scrub your skin with the natural fruit specks. Fruit specks also do the same to your face and body. 

After completing the cleansing process, put rose water on your face that gives a natural glow to your face. Rosewater is very good for the skin. Sometimes rose water does not suit perfectly. In that case, you can use other natural moisturizers. Yogurt is too good for skin that nourishes the skin.

Weekly Treatment

Every weekend, you can use a face mask that the skin needs to refresh. Face masks help your skin to enrich the skin tone. It makes the skin better than the last time. If you do not have face masks to use, a face pack will mould with rose water. 

After that, put a thick amount of face pack on your face. For the body, you can use the same package for your hands. Most of the time in summer, the hands get burned. 

So, take a considerable quantity and put it on the hands and portions that get the highest sunrays. 

Give the skin relaxation in a new way, put a quantity of yogurt, and mix turmeric powder on the face. Along with that, you also can add lemon juice. Lemon has acid that helps to make the skin brighter. So, follow the skincare routine on your weekend.

Frequent Skincare 

In a frequency, but can do a face spa and body spa. It helps your skin to become softer and shinier. To do that, you have to pay a little bit, but on summer days, the spa is essential. In doing so, you will receive radiant skin. So, do it in a period. Add this as well in your skincare routine to stay gorgeous. Also, can use whitening cream to glow more. 

The Conclusion

Summer is a crucial time for the skin. That is why maintaining a proper skincare routine is so significant. Mark your skin safe from the harmful sun rays. Still, you are thinking? Make a skincare routine today and start following this in this summer season. Stay bright even in the hot summer season.

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