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For people seeking an experience that is out of the ordinary or for those who simply wish to have an opportunity to discover a place that provides a haven for holidaying and relaxation, a visit to the Virgin Islands can provide an unforgettable trip. The Custom Charters Virgin Islands have been called by a number of names throughout the years, including the Bahamas and the Caribbean, but they are located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Visitors flock to the islands to experience a unique vacation experience. What can be greater than being able to lounge in the sun, drink plenty of cold water, and take in the beauty of nature? If you are interested in having such a vacation, then it will be wise to plan it during one of the many ports of call that are located on the islands.

“What can be more exciting than arriving at your destination in a brand-new custom-yacht charter?” This question is likely to be asked by any person who has been to a place where they were offered the opportunity to sign a lease or purchase a sailboat charter.

It is a feeling that cannot be described, as you get to actually “see it” and to touch it before you sign the contract. When you arrive on the island and decide to sign on the dotted line, you will want to do so with the assurance that you have made a good choice. This is why it is important to look into signing a professional sailboat charter to guarantee that you are getting the most exciting experience possible.

One way that you can ensure that you are having an exciting experience while traveling by water is by booking a personal sailboat charter. A custom charter allows you the luxury of choosing your own schedule and your own destination. In addition, you have access to a professional crew that can help you get from port to port as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is no better way to explore the islands that are located in the Caribbean than by taking advantage of a professional sailboat charter that will give you the personal space that you desire while you are out at sea.

In many cases, when people go to a vacation spot such as the Caribbean, they don’t want to invest in a large yacht that is used by other tourists. Rather than spend thousands of dollars, many people are willing to consider hiring a professional sailboat charter to take them to their ultimate vacation spot.

Although the cost of such a vacation may initially seem high, it is important to consider how much you are actually saving by booking a personal sailboat charter rather than investing in a larger yacht.

Another reason why it makes sense to book a personal charter is because you will always have the time of your life while you are on the water. When you charter a sailboat, you have the time of your life during the busy part of the day. For instance, instead of spending hours in the airport and sitting in a traffic jam, you can enjoy sailing during your free time.

You can choose the time and date you would like to sail during your trip and get off the plane at your destination. However, if you have a job during the day, you may be able to arrange to have your flight redirected so that you can still enjoy your free time on the boat.

It is also possible to get discounts when you book custom charters for the Virgin Islands. Many times the companies offering such services are members of the Virgin Islands Sailing Association, which offers special discounts to travelers who book charters. If you choose an agent with this affiliation, not only will you save money, but you will also be taking advantage of some amazing deals.

One of the most popular sailboats is the Freedom. This is a 40-foot sailing catamaran that has been outfitted with all the amenities and comforts of home. Since it is the largest sailboat on the island, it allows you to explore all of the sites and ports of call. You can also visit many of the historic sites in St. Thomas, including the Parish Church of St. Francis and the King’s Castle.

Other popular sailboats on the Virgin Islands include the Nene and the Endeavors. These two varieties of sailboats were built by world-renowned builder John Lawrence Sullivan, who is said to have designed the Nene because he wanted a sailboat that could carry as many crew members as possible.

The Endeavors, on the other hand, were built by Capt. George Endicott Smith, a man who was famous for his radio transmissions from ships around the world. Each of these sailboats has its own distinct personality, which makes them a fun charter to consider.

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