Desert Adventures And Cultural Events Available At Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan, is well known for its vast desert region, and this city is in the heart of the Great Indian Desert Thar. And due to the adventurous events and other desert activities, this location is one of India’s top tourist locations. Many people think there is nothing to see there in desert areas other than sand. But people of Jaislamer see life there, and they also help people who visit that location to understand the life available in that desert. So, people who need to understand the lifestyle desert can book the tour packages Jaisalmer and visit the place to feel the experience of the desert. 

Most people who live in other parts of India don’t know what living in the desert means and don’t know about the beauty hidden behind the cloud of sand in the Thar desert. So, the best way to learn is to experience them by ourselves. So, people who plan their trips to hill stations and other locations can choose Jaisalmer as a choice to enjoy a completely new and wild experience in the desert. Similarly, people can experience the colorful culture of that city. 

Desert Adventures And Cultural Events

Though the Thar desert contains many dunes and sand slopes, the desert safari is the best and most famous desert adventure that every tourist who visits Jaisalmer should participate in and experience the nature of the desert. After dunes, camels are the notable element that attracts more tourists. So, people can also have a camel ride and camel safari, which helps explore the desert from the back of the camel. People who line in that city may be ordinary with camel, but new people from other states and countries will excite about these adventures. 

Like camel safari, they also have jeep safari, which is for people who love speed and adventure in the desert. And these jeep safari will be more adventurous than the camel safari. After all these adventures, people will stay in the desert tents of desert camps, especially for people to feel the nature of the desert. And all the desert camps available in the Jaisalmer will conduct cultural performances at night. They also provide authentic Rajasthani cuisine foods for their visitors to enjoy the natural taste of Rajasthan through both eyes and mouth. 

Other Than Desert Adventure And Cultural Events

Many tourist locations and historic specialties are available for Jaisalmer, and those are the tourist attractions available other than desert safari and desert camp stay. Therefore, when people choose tour packages Jaisalmer, it covers all these locations and regular activities & accommodations. The Jaisalmer fort and Gadisar lake are the top tourist sights available in this location which all tourists should visit. And this Jaisalmer is also famous for its golden look due to the yellow sandstone architecture famous in that particular region. 

So tourists can also see those kinds of ancient constructions still in the streets of Jaisalmer. And it is the main reason for this city’s popular name as the Golden city of Rajasthan. So these are some of the features available in the city other than the desert safaris and cultural events. And among all these, stargazing is a widespread practice in which people see the free night sky from the middle of the cold desert. 

Jaisalmer Tour Packages 

People who are willing to visit Jaisalmer can choose the tour packages from the tour agencies near them, and there are several kinds of tour packages available for this location. And these tour packages will differ from budget to costly range. So, people can choose their package range as per their budget and requirements. Yes, the accommodation features and amenities will differ according to the level of the tour package. However, these packages will cover all the desert adventure events and accommodations, so people don’t need to spend extra money on their trip other than their expenses. 

These are some of the facilities available with the tour packages Jaisalmer, and these tour agencies will also have online portals to book tour packages. These portals will also contain all the tour packages and coverages under the tour package. In addition, they also provide a list of the thing that these packages will not cover for people’s clear understanding. 


These points explain the desert adventures and cultural events available in Jaisalmer. These details will help people understand the tour packages available for trips to Jaisalmer. And it also explains the features and benefits available with these tour packages.