2020 Ticketing Strategies

Event management is a difficult task for sure but event marketing is not less than that. It takes a lot of effort and most of all appropriate strategies to get your event the reach it deserves. A major part of event marketing is selling the ticket and making sure that you get as much audience as possible. If you are a ticket agent or an event organizer who has been in this business for year now than you are already aware of the effort that has to be put in while selling the ticket and marketing your event. But if you are a newbie who just got into this business and are not aware of the process and the required strategies to pull off this task then don’t worry we are here to guide you how to sell your tickets online without spending a lot of money and some ticketing strategies. So let’s get started:

Ticketing Strategies: 

As now-a-days the best place to engage audience and market your product/event is social media so let’s see how you can reach a wider audience on social media platforms:

  1. The first steps is to identify your target audience. You need to understand what kind of audience will be interested in your event like if you are organizing a conference to guide people on securing jobs then you are most likely to target students in universities who are just about to graduate.
  2. Second thing you need to know is the social media platform you will be using. For example if you want to target bloggers then probably Instagram is the best option but if you are targeting startups or new businesses then LinkedIn is the right place for you.
  3. Using hashtags on social media is probably the best way to make your post go viral. You just need to use appropriate hashtags that are in accordance with your event and will support the spread of the event.
  4. Next thing you can do is engaging your influencers. Choose influencers on basis of your event size. After making a list of influencers, now select those who are the easiest ones for you to reach.
  5. Set a goal like how many tickets you want to sell and post on social media according to that. It’s better to schedule those posts beforehand. 
  6. Post any time lapse video or pictures of your last event that was a success to ignite the excitement in your audience.

Well these were some marketing tips for you audience, now let’s see how you can sell your tickets on Social Media:

  1. The best thing to do is to create an event on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to post on other social media platforms. Keep posting on them too.
  2. Post enough information about your event like location, date and time and last but not the least ticket price. 
  3. Make it as easy as possible for the audience to buy tickets as many people want to buy tickets online before the event to make sure they don’t lose a spot. For that purpose you can use Sell Ticket to make it easy for you.
  4. Motivate people to buy tickets by using strategies like only 3 days left for early-bird pricing or only 5 first-row tickets left etc. This makes the audience anxious and it makes them click on “buy now” option right away.
  5. Give audience some kind of attraction like giving out the name of guest speakers or any famous singers/celebrities that you have invited. You can also give the attraction of food and drinks stalls if there are any in your event.

So these were some strategies that you can use to grow your audience and to increase your sales. We hope this helps you. 

What if you can’t do this all?

You have read all the strategies but are you someone who is dealing with a lot of events at one time? Or are too busy to apply these strategies and marketing your event on Social Media? You just don’t have the time for this all and are wondering what can you do? Well we have the answer for you and that is Sell Ticket. Yes if you can’t market the event yourself then just follow some simple steps below:

  1. Get registered with us.
  2. Create an ad for your event
  3. Post information about your event and your ticket details
  4. Post your contact details as well.
  5. Any buyer interested will contact you and that’s it, you have just made the sale.

But what about the marketing? Well we at Sell Ticket promote your event on different digital media platforms ourselves. Our digital expert team monitor your event/ad closely and make sure that your ad gets the desired attention by marketing it on social media platforms. So if you are looking for ways to sell your tickets resale uk quickly or sell flight tickets, concert tickets or any other upcoming event then you are at the right place. So get registered and start selling your tickets with us.

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