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Complete Guide to Export Outlook Emails to Apple Mail Account

It has become very popular to switch from Outlook to Apple Mail, but the opposite is hardly ever done. Additionally, there are only so many tools available to do this process. However, DataVare PST To MBOX Converter makes it simple and effective to export Outlook emails to Apple Mail.

The excitement of switching from Windows to Mac OS ought to captivate the users. Mac users are amazed by the greatest design and the seamless interface. Nonetheless, the majority of Windows users utilize the Outlook program to send and receive emails. Nevertheless, Apple Mail is the email program that opens by default when you first use a Mac. It might be rather difficult to part ways with this user-friendly email software for that reason. But, consumers are unable to abandon the outdated Outlook since life continues on.

“I used to use Microsoft Outlook on my Windows computer. However, since I changed jobs, my employer required me to operate using Mac OS. I wish to import my emails from Outlook 2016 into Apple Mail as a result. I discovered through searching that Apple Mail is compatible with the. mbox format. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to transfer Outlook emails to MBOX files. Therefore, please advise me on the best ways to transfer PST files to Apple Mail.

In light of the aforementioned situation, this article will go over several methods for transferring emails from Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011 to Apple Mail. Let’s now examine each phase of the conversion in more depth.

Export emails from Outlook to Apple Mail By hand

The file format used by Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook is different. As a result, we require a file format that would act as an operating system for both apps. Because Thunderbird accepts MBOX files, users can use it for this purpose. It is simple and free to get this email client from the internet. Therefore, ensure that Mozilla Thunderbird has been downloaded to your computer before beginning to export Outlook to Apple Mail.

Step 1: Transfer emails from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird on Mozilla

  • Outlook files should be loaded into Thunderbird first, then exported into MBOX format. Windows machines should be used for this process.
  • First, make Microsoft Outlook your primary email client. To do this, select Outlook and set the software as the default by going to Control Panel >> Programs >> Default Programs >> Set Default Program.
  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird now and set up your ID.
  • To import files, open Thunderbird and navigate to the Tools Menu.
  • There will be a pop-up window. Depending on the situation, choose the Mail or Address Book choice. Next, press the next button.
  • Now, to import emails and other data items, choose the Outlook option. Press the Next button.
  • A fresh window appears. To import the data into Thunderbird, navigate through the PST file.
  • You can view every Outlook email once Thunderbird has successfully imported the Outlook data.
  • To move this data onto a Mac, the user must now locate the “Outlook Import” folder.
  • To do this, perform right-click on this folder and choose “Properties.”
  • Find the folder path to go through this directory.

Note – For exporting Outlook to Apple Mail using MBOX format more rapidly, copy the folder “Outlook Import. sbd” to any USB hard drive.

Step 2: Open Apple Mail and import the exported MBOX files.

  • Launch the Apple Mail software on your Mac. Click the Import Mailboxes tab after selecting File > File Options.
  • Click the files in the MBOX format option now, and then select Continue.
  • Navigate through the MBOX file after selecting the “continue” option.
  • You will observe that all of your Outlook data has been imported into the Apple Mail program in this manner.

An Improved Method for Transferring Outlook Emails to Apple Mailboxes

The previously mentioned process can be easily followed and is totally free. However, it could take a lot of time for those with hectic schedules. Additionally, if a tiny error is made, the process of exporting Outlook to Apple Mail may need to be restarted, which could result in users losing some important data. As a result, we recommend using DataVare PST To MBOX Converter, a better method, to swiftly move Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2011 emails to Apple Mail. The utility has the ability to convert a large number of PST files into file formats that are compatible with Apple Mail. Thus, following the use of this tool, importing the transformed MBOX file into AppleMail.

The following are the steps to export emails from Outlook to Apple Mail using MBOX:

  • Add Outlook PST files after installing the PST conversion utility.
  • The MBOX file format can be chosen from the Export menu.
  • Choose where you want to save the resulting MBOX file.
  • Press the “Export” tab.

The Last Word!

There is a lengthy process involved in exporting Outlook to Apple Mail manually. But, the task will become lot easier if consumers break it up into steps. By using the third-party solution that was previously mentioned, users can also get around these approaches and migrate emails from Outlook for Mac 2021, 2019, 2016, & 2011 to Apple Mail. This program supports Mac OS versions and is reasonably priced.