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fishing resort on lake llvingston

Fishing Resort On Lake Livingston

Taking an RV trip to Bethy Creek can be very relaxing and also exciting. There are many things to do and see at the resort that will keep you busy throughout the weekend.  The resort which is located on the banks of Lake Livingston has a full hook up for RV campers, an onsite primitive camping site where you can gaze at the big Texas stars at night. You can use the onsite grills to make your steaks or burgers or grill the fresh catch for dinner. The resort also has a hotel where you will find all the latest home comforts to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The water fronting cabins offer more privacy and they are great for a family. Bethy Creek also has a pier where you will find anglers trying their hand at fly fishing.

There are also boat rentals available for those who want to go out boating or fishing on Lake Livingston. The lake is situated in the East Texas Piney Woods and is owned and operated by the Trinity River Authority of Texas. It supplies water to the City of Houston and is the second largest lake in the state. It has a surface area of 90,000 acres and a depth of 77 feet.

This lake is a white bass fishery where the fish grows to very large sizes. It is also a catfish fishery, and most people who like to catch the blue catfish come to this lake.  Serious anglers like to go to the reservoir for largemouth bass, striped bass, and crappie. In Lake Livingston, you can also find a lot of largemouth bass, redear sunfish, striped bass, channel catfish and white bass. Always check the Fishing Resort on Lake Livingston before you go fishing there.

Now in winter, you can find abundant largemouth bass. The water in the lake is lightly stained and is at a nice 58-60 degrees Fahrenheit. This fish can be caught working at the deep points and ridges on Carolina rigged worms, spinners, and jigs. The Carolina rig worms perform best in the prespawn and post spawn as bass migrates along alteration routes to and from their spawning sites.  The spoon lure, on the other hand, moves randomly and helps to draw fish by reflecting light.

To catch the striped bass use the spoon lures and live shad. The spoon lure moves at random and is used to attract fish by reflecting light. Live shad, on the other hand, has to be a few inches long so it can be hooked in many ways. Use the top of the head to insert the hook and then hook the tail or the back area. 

If you would like to catch crappie, they can be found in the creeks. They are good to catch using minnows and jigs. Crappie minnows are often sold by the scoop, which holds around 24 minnows. A single scoop of minnows sells for $3.00. Hook it through the mouth or the back fin.  Jigs are fishing lures with a lead sinker and a hook attached to it. These are covered by a soft body to help lure fish.

Currently, white bass fishing is good and to catch some you will need to use the spoons in the main lake.  While for catfish which is fair these days use live bait and homemade dough balls. Anglers like to take the guided fishing tours to have an enjoyable time and learn more about fish behavior and habitats.

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