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A Few Red Signals of Fraudulent Moving Companies

“To choose the best movers, kindly read this blog without any delay”.

We often hear the word moving scam, which is done by fraudulent movers and packers. While some have to end up paying huge fees, or getting damaged or broken products. There are various kinds of scams that happen on a daily basis. This is the reason why you need to research well so that you can stay away from such fraudsters. These fraudulent companies can even demand more money before delivering the shipment, mishandle your items, etc. you may not even get any kind of insurance on goods.

There are so many stories I have heard from and this is the reason why I always ask my readers to do their research well so that they don’t end up hiring rogue packing companies. After all, those are so much more than your belongings. You have emotions attached to your goods.

You may even see that some of the items are missing! The movers can be rude might miss the deadline of delivering the shipment, might drag the items on the floors, and might just end up charging hidden fees

So what can you do? Well, start with good research when you are looking for movers in Arlington, TX. To know more, kindly read the rest of this blog now.

Do not get trapped by low quotes given by any packing and moving company in Arlington. Trust me; most fraudulent companies attract customers by offering low-bid estimates. Unfortunately, people still fall for it and I hear moving horror stories now and then. Be ready for a huge bill at the end of the work. You should always check other things rather than just checking the quote. Sometimes, they even threaten the customers that they will not deliver the full shipment if they don’t get paid the amount they demand.

There are plenty of ways to fool innocent customers! One of them is bait-and-switch. This is a way in which customers are enticed by a lower price but when they contact the company, they are pressurized to get the services at a much more price point. If you want to stay away from painful exercises, do your homework right, go for a brand and make sure you do not fall for such scams.

Then I am going to talk about the upfront deposit. If they are demanding a huge sum in the very beginning, run from that company and never look back. They spell scam! However, if they demand just a token amount, then you can take your leap of trust but make sure you go through reviews before that. A nominal amount can be paid in advance but not a huge sum. You can also use a credit card to make this payment.

You should also not fall for unclear or blank contracts! If you can’t understand the contract, don’t sign it. Read in between lines, look for prints in faded ink, read the terms and conditions part with full attentiveness. Do not skip lines and look for details like types of services offered, date of delivery, etc.

Also, do not fall for a company that doesn’t have good customer service. If they are unwilling to resolve your queries, then you better knock some other door.

Get everything in writing essays so that there is no confusion as well.

If the company doesn’t entertain insurance coverage or doesn’t speak of the same, then also you need to stay away from the scammers. Insurance is important and there is no denying that.

You should also lookout for the logo on the moving trucks. Do not rely on companies that hire third-party trucks.

The scammers don’t have physical addresses more often than not. So you must check on that too. You should visit the office in person.

Here are a few tips for you. To choose the best Arlington movers, please read my other blogs and articles.

Author Bio: Mia, a blogger on Arlington movers, writes on mistakes while choosing a packing and moving company Arlington. To choose the best movers, read her blogs. 

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