Quick Guide About Fritzbox 7530 WiFi Router

The fritz box is a wireless wifi router network device. It provides better internet connectivity through the wifi network. Generally, this Fritzbox is used in the home and small business. It fills all the required elements of the wireless network connectivity. The fritzbox 7530 wifi router is dual band this means it supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band. The 5 GHz band gives 866 mbps speed and 2.4 GHz band gives 400 mbps speed.

It also supports the mesh wifi, which means you enjoy online 4K video streaming, gaming console, check email, music etc without any buffering. With the help of Mesh networking you can easily enjoy with high speeds wifi network connectivity while surfing, streaming or gaming. This router can easily connect the computer with wired connectivity, because its backside has 4 Gigabit LAN ports.

The setup and installation of the fritzbox 7530 router is simple, every user easily Setup the router with the web-browser. It is a compatible device because it easily connects the networking device vai wirelessly or wired. The 5 GHz band provides ultra-fast speed, which abolishes the dead in the home.

How to connect fritzbox 7530 wifi router to the PC

If you need to connect the fritzbox device to the pc, then it will be trouble-free. You can also use wire connectivity to make a connection. There are 4 LAN ports behind the fritzbox, from which you can easily connect wired connections. By using an E.net cable, one end of the ethernet cable plug into the fritzbox’s LAN port other portion of the cable into the PC Local Area Network port. Then, power ON the fritz box and your computer device. Now you will see a Popup message on the computer screen, in that message it will show the fritzbox is connects to the computer.

Login the fritzbox 7530 wifi router in proper way

The fritzbox provides stable connection for long-distance area. If you want to login the fritzbox in the proper way, you need to follow these guidelines. The fritzbox 7530 inloggenis effortless and easily login within 4-5 minutes. To login the fritzbox, firstly open any web browser of your choice and type fritzbox router IP address, the IP address of the router is “”, then hit “enter”.

Now, the login page of the fritz box device appears on the PC screen. In this page, there are 2 text fields: username and password. Then, you need to fill the default login ID and login password. In the eventually, click “login”. Now the login process of the fritzbox is finished.

Configuration the fritzbox 7530 wifi router

The fritzbox wifi router provides steady connection to all the devices, which are connected. If you want to enjoy the fritzbox wifi network connectivity, you need to configure the router. The fritz box konfigurieren process is effortless, it takes 3-4 minutes to configure the router. To configure you log in to the fritzbox with the help of http: //fritz.box. Then, select the language which you prefer and click next.

The next page is a regional setting, you also need to select the country option and click the next button. Now, select annex, after selecting annex the device will automatically reboot. In a while, display the page “welcome to the fritzbox” and tick the option Diagnostics and maintenance, click “OK”. after this setting, click the “apply setting” section. At the end, the configuration of the fritzbox 7530 router is successful.

Reset the fritzbox 7530 WiFi router

The fritzbox router provides the internet connectivity through wifi network. But sometimes it is not working properly, So you can reset it easily. To reset the router, open the web browser and type “”, press enter. A login page is displayed, type default username and password.

Then, click the “system” setting, under this setting select the “backup” option. In a while, click on the Factory Settings. After that, push the ‘Loading setting’ oprion at the bottom. Now your Factory reset process is complete.

Final words

With strong performance and a powerful range of features the Fritzbox wifi router 7530 is a good upgrade version. It looks fairly unremarkable, but the device does manage to squeeze a wide range of features into a compact design that is well suited for use at home.

This fritzbox fulfills all the requirements of the home wifi network connectivity. The fritzbox 7530 router is simple plug the wall electric outlet and you enjoy the wifi network connectivity. The configuration of the fritzbox 7530 wifi router device is very simple. That means it is a perfect device for wifi network connectivity.

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