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Gate Valves in Australia And Their Various Types

The Australian industrial gate valves market is estimated to hit $1.3 billion by the end of 2023. Keeping this in mind, gate valves are typically found in pipelines, present both below and above the ground. This common linear valve type is designed to initiate and stop fluid flow via ducting, enabling users to seclude a pipe section when essential. Gate valves are also known as sluice valves or water gate valves. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of gate valves in Australia and how they have become a vital part of the Australian industries. 

Types of Gate Valves 

Plenty of gate valves are used in multiple applications across different types of workplaces and pipelines. Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular gate valve types:

Wedge Gate Valves

A wedge gate valve is one of the most common gate valve types found and used all over Australia. 

This valve is used for all industrial pipeline and plumbing setups. The subtypes of these valves are the split wedge, the flexible wedge, and the solid wedge. 

You’ll find the gate or barrier is slightly tilted against the flow path of the pressurised fluid in the pipe. That’s one of the reasons they’re also called tapered gates. This inclined angle enables a wedging force with the closing of the valve and ensures a more reliable seal at high-pressure ratings. 

Split Gate Valves

A split-gate valve, also known as a split wedge gate valve, is a valve type where a spring or spacer holds two solid pieces in position to make the wedge disc. 

This helps you to self-adjust the seats, enabling added flexibility and ensuring convenience in achieving a tighter seal. They are especially ideal for use with corrosive liquids and non-condensing gases. 

Parallel Gate Valves

A parallel gate valve, also referred to as a parallel slide gate valve or parallel disc gate valve, works just like any other wedge gate valve. However, in this type, the gate comes with two discs positioned at a 90° angle to the liquid flow direction. 

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They are typically considered a safer and secure option in high-temperature applications, with fewer chances of thermal binding due to parallel design. 

Knife Gate Valves 

A knife gate valve is a renowned gate valve type that is primarily devised for usage with viscous or thick fluids like powder-carrying or slurry liquid. The disks present in the knife gate valve are efficiently tapered or sharpened at one end, hence the name “knife” valve. 

Flanged Gate Valves

The valve’s body is flanged and gorged on the bonnet in this gate valve type. This bonnet is the part on the valve’s top, the point from which the handwheel assembly connects and enables access to the valve’s moving parts.  

This tends to make them ideal for higher pressure applications than any typical screwed connections. However, it’s not as ideal as the specialised pressure sealing models. 

Final Thoughts

Gate valves in Australia are well-known for their reliability, high-quality, efficiency and effectiveness. The top Australian gate valve manufacturers are famous in numerous industries for their affordable pricing, sturdy construction, and excellent durability. Whether you work in oil and gas, chemical production, or agriculture, you are certain to find components that work wonders for your systems.

With this comprehensive guide on these types of gate valves, you now know the available options you’ve had while sourcing gate valves from suppliers in Australia. So, choose a supplier that meets your quality standards and pricing requirements and offers the best-in-class gate valves for your industry.